Thursday, April 29, 2010

Light at the End of the Tunnel

This has been a very rough week for me. To some it might seem like a walk in the park but for me it's been hard.

Tommy has been traveling this week. When I know that he has to travel I get so worried and I tend to shut myself off from the outside world. I try so hard not to let his travel effect me, but it does. Several days before he leaves I start to sleep less and less at night. So for the past five days I am working on about 4 hours of sleep each night. It's hard when I'm home alone with the kids with no support.

On Monday, I learned that my cousin died. She was 9 months younger then me. They believe that it was an OD. I didn't know my cousin that well. There were some family dynamics that caused her not to be a part of my life. (It's a long and complicated story). When we were in our early teens we spent time together like most cousins. But my paternal uncle denied that he was her father (Long complicated story) so that caused problems in her life. I remember thinking all this girl wants is to be love and accepted by her family. I also remember her as being a trouble maker. I guess it was her way of getting attention. When I learned that she died I felt so sad for her and her children. I wish that I got to know her as an adult. It made me realize that life goes by so fast. You really need to take the time to show those that you love that you love them, don't take it for granted that they know!! I hope that my cousin Nicole finally finds some peace.

I think that Tommy's traveling has begun to take it's toll on the kids. They have been testing me so much this week. They have pushed all of my buttons. I hate yelling at them but sometimes its the only way they listen to me. Then it makes me feel like the world's worst mom. I am really at the end of my rope. I don't know what to do. I know that I feel like running into a corner to cry. (Oh wait I've done that several times, it doesn't help).
All of this has really caused me to feel like my head is about to explode!! As I type this Tommy is on his way home!! It's Thursday and the weekend is about here. Which means re-enforcements are on their way. Grandma and Brad are coming!! That means the kids will be very good for at least the next three days. I hate to rush time but I wish it was Friday at 5:00!!
I hope to have the feeling back in my head tomorrow to post all my projects of the week!!
Sorry for ranting, I thought that maybe this would help!!
Love and Hugs,

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I have decided to take a little break from blogging. I will be back tomato (that's what my little man calls tomorrow)!!

I have been busy come back tomato to see what I've been up to.

Love and Hugs,


Monday, April 26, 2010

Flower Shopping

On Thursday the kids and I took a ride to our favorite garden center. We like it for several reasons: it's located right on the Delaware river (PA side) almost right across from my parent's camper, it has 15 green houses, and lots of flowers and plants to choose from. We go to this center once a year. I like to go there to be inspired for our garden. This is also where I decide what color our annual flowers will be for the summer. This year I had a little help. Can you guess what colors we picked?

Here are the kids in the germanium greenhouse. This is one of my favorite green houses because it has so many different colors and smells good too.

I have to say that I just loved the way the greenhouse looked from the outside.

This greenhouse is a mix of tropical plants. I loved all the blues and purples, but that's not the colors we picked.

This is what I call the Wandering Jew greenhouse, because that's one of the plants that are grown in this greenhouse. Do you see my little wandering jew? This greenhouse is quite appropriate for us.

Well the drum roll please.......
The colors we picked were White and Pink!!
I of course wanted white and many of you would think that my little toots picked pink, but she actually picked orange. (I only like orange during the fall). My little man picked pink. He really likes that color. He's a little guy who is in touch with his feminine side. Could it be because he is around two girly girls all day long.

Hopefully by the end of the week I will have pictures of the flowers we bought.
I hope that you had a great weekend!!
Love and Hugs,

Friday, April 23, 2010


Happy Friday,

I am so excited to share this story with you!

Yesterday evening the kids and I were outside waiting for Tommy to come home.

All of the sudden it started raining, so the kids and I rain inside.

The kids were very upset because they were looking forward to having a fire outside.

I explained that the rain would not last long because it was sunny outside.

I told them if we were lucky we might see a rainbow.

My little toots started singing "rainbows, rainbows mystical colors of the rainbow"

A few minutes later Tommy came in and said "there is a rainbow out front."

We all ran outside to look at the rainbow in the rain.

The kids were so excited to see their first rainbow.

As we were walking back into the house my little guy asked if we could go look for the treasure.

I hope that you have a great weekend!!
Love and Hugs,

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Earth Day

Happy Earth Day

In honor of Earth Day and National Turn Your TV off week, I have declared a TV free day. The response was less then happy. My little guy seems like he could care less. Tommy wanted to know if we would be able to watch TV after the kids went to bed, and my little Toots...well lets say she already had her first melt down. She recovered nicely when she heard the music.

So what are we going to do today?

As I am typing the kids are drawing pictures for everyone. (This should last another 10 minutes)

Then we will have a healthy breakfast and get dressed.

We are out of coffee so we must go to D&D and get the coffee streaming through my system. I've usually had two huge cups by now.

We will head to a whole sale garden center to get some flowers to plant. (What a better thing to do for Earth day?)

We will just have to find good old fashioned fun!!

By the way, in all honesty the TV will be on during my lunch time so I can see Martha. She has a calming effect on me and inspires me. Plus she keeps me company.

I am also looking for things I can do around the house and in our lives to be environmentally friendly.

Love and Hugs,


Best Turkey Burgers EVER!!

Yesterday morning I took out ground turkey for dinner. I was in the mood for burgers. So thought turkey burgers would be a good idea. I was going to look on line for a recipe but I looked into my "Everyday Food Cookbook" by Martha Stewart (of course). I had everything for the recipe so I went ahead and made it!! Let me just tell you these are the BEST Turkey Burgers I have ever had!!!!! I was so excited to have left over because I got to have it today for lunch. The burgers were so good plain!! You can put condiments on the burger but it really doesn't need it.
Now for the recipe:

1lb of Ground Turkey

1/2 cup of finely grated Gruyere Cheese (I didn't have this so I used a Italian Blend Mix)
4 Scallions, thinly sliced
1/4 cup of bread crumbs
1/4 cup of Dijon mustard
1 Garlic Clove minced
Coarse salt and pepper
1. Heat the grill to high heat. Mix all the ingredients together using a fork. Be careful not to over work the meat. So I combine all the ingredients and then add the meat to combine.
Form into 4 patties.
2. Grab a beer or a glass of wine and head to the grill to cook!! If you don't drink try a lemonade.
3. Lightly oil the grill. Cook on each side for one minute then move to a low heat on the grill and cook for 5-10 minutes on each side.
I served a tossed salad on the side.
Love and Hugs,

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

What It Could Have Been?

On Friday I went to physical therapy for my back and the physical therapist (John) asked me what I did to my back? I laughed and shared the list of things I had done over the past couple of days. (I have some pictures of the projects)

1. I replanted about 8 pine trees in our yard.
2. I weeded and raked half the yard.
3. I started to paint a vanity table.
4. I moved this shelf from our bedroom down to the living room.

5. Re-decorated the top of the cabinets.

I couldn't stand the top of the cabinets anymore. The top was a bunch of odds and ends and some toys that the kids were fighting over that I threw on top.

Here is a collection of plates from the Oyster House in Philadelphia. They're very old plates. I thought I would add the duck for a splash of white.

I took a white basket that I planted and added some of my hydrangeas to the basket. I wanted a little color so I added the plates.

6. I also added lights to the top of the cabinets to add brightness to the kitchen.

7. I painted an old book case white and re-located about 30 books into the basement.
8. I also continue to pick up the kids when they ask to be hugged or to be held.
9. The kids and I have been playing basketball.
10. Last but not least I have been spreading soil in the garden.
The therapist just looked at me and laughed!!! Looking back I wonder what the hell was I thinking? I just try to come up with things to do to keep me out of trouble.
Love and Hugs,

The Long A Waited Fireplace Story

The fireplace has been in my life for.... well entire life, but has never been mine, until NOW!!

I have always admired the fireplace at my Nana's house. Nana's living room was centered around the fireplace. Nana always had it decorated in a Victorian fashion. I always thought it was special never really knowing why. I loved how the fire was fake but it always made me feel warm. I thought it was weird that it didn't make any noise. But why would a fake fire make noise? (Am I silly or what?)

Several years ago when Nana was moving into her Senior Apartment building she asked me if I wanted the fireplace. I so wanted to say yes and run with it but two things worked against that happening. Tommy really didn't want it and Gared was moving into his house and really needed furniture and stuff to make it look like a home. So I kindly turned it down and told Nana to ask Gared. I was a little said. I told Gared that if there was ever a time he didn't want it anymore that I would take it.

Gared and Lauren have been doing major renovation in their house and they decided that they didn't want the fireplace anymore. Gared being good to his word to me (as he always is) offered me the fireplace. I was so excited I said yes without even asking Tommy. It's not like I was buying it. So did I really need to ask? I could tell that Tommy was less then thrilled when I told him that the fireplace would be coming to live with us.

Gared bought the fireplace to my parents house. I was hoping that it would fit in our CRV, but it didn't. I was so disappointed because I was looking forward to putting it in our room and adorning it with decorations.

Then the light bulb clicked. My parents could bring it up with them when they come to visit. My mom would just need help loading it into the pick up. Gared volunteered to help her. (He's such a good boy-always willing to help his big little sister.)

The big day came. The fireplace was coming to it's new home. I was so excited!!! When Tommy and I were unloading it from the truck we learned something very interesting about this fireplace. I was looking at it and saw some measurement in familiar handwriting. I asked my dad about it (he was outside supervising us unload the fireplace) he said that Nana made this fireplace. I suddenly realized why I always loved this fireplace. Nana made it!!! How awesome is that?!?!?

It took about a week to be assembled properly to the wall. But it looks awesome and I think that Tommy even loves it!! You know what else I learned about the fireplace? The fire actually does make noise. I think that we never heard it at Nana's house because it was always loud with love and laughter.

The fire!! Like my cowboy boots? Since they don't fit my feet I thought I would use them as decoration. You may notice there is a tile missing. Well, my plan is to take off all the tile and replace it. just need to find the right tile.

It's blurry but at least you can see the fire!

This lovely lady sits on top of the mirror. I can just imagine that Nana saw this and thought to put it on top of the fireplace or perhaps she built the fireplace around it. I'll have to ask her when she come for her visit.

I hope you enjoyed the fireplace story!!

Love and Hugs,

Sunday, April 18, 2010


Some days, I feel like all I do is clean, cook, iron, and do the laundry. I feel like Cinderella and the kids are my two step sisters. Some of you may be wondering who is my step mother I haven't figured that out, but know this Tommy is my Prince Charming.

Last night the kids were saying good night to me as I was cleaning up the pile of cookie crumbs the kids made on the floor. I said very loudly, "I feel like Cinderella who never gets to go to the ball." The only re-action I got was from Tommy who laughed at me.

I wonder when my Fairy God Mother will come and make me a Princess.



I'm Back and Local

I'm finally back and feeling better. I did something to my back that had me unable to walk properly for almost three days. I was in such pain that I was on some heavy duty pain medicine. I don't like being unable to do anything. It reminds me of being on bed rest with the twins for almost 4 months. I hate being depended on others and not being able to pick up my kids.

Luckily for me my parents were able to come up and help me out with the kids. I went to the doctor and had a day of therapy. By Saturday afternoon I was feeling much better. Tommy gave me a great massage Saturday night and I woke up on Sunday feeling much better.

I promised myself and Tommy that for the next week I will take it easy. That means no weeding, re-planting plants, moving soil bags around, moving furniture, raking the yard, and climbing onto the counter-tops to re-decorate the top of the cabinets. What does this mean for me? A lot of crafts and painting projects on a table top.

It's gong to be hard but I will do it. I also convinced myself and Tommy that maybe a professional massage might be better then going to least it will be cheaper. However, if my back gets bad I will go back to rehab.

I am getting so excited about the warm weather and May. The month of May brings the Farmer's Market to our area. I love going to the Farmer's Market and know that everything is local. The kids and I had that experience a few weeks ago when we went to
that little farm stand. See what we got.

The flowers were actually from our garden. The house smelled so good for several days.

Apple caramel walnut cookies were delicious. I would love to find the recipe!!

The bread was ok, it was a little under baked. It was Garlic Herb bread. I don't think I will get this again. It wasn't anything great.

Here is my local goods!!! I am dreaming of all the local goods from the Farmer's Market. This year I hope to visit a lot of different Farmer's Markets.

I hope you had a great weekend. I promise to blog about the fireplace as soon as I get some good pictures!!



Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hop Scotch

Who says that hop scotch has to be done in squares? We have hop scotch drawn on our driveway all the time and I get tired of looking at squares. I like to get a little creative.

I know I was suppose to post about the free fireplace, but I hurt my back and I can't move too well. I want to get better pictures of the fireplace so you can see why it means so much to me.

Come back tomorrow to see what I did that caused me to hurt my back.



Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Thrift Shop Finds and Something Free

Tommy worked from home on Friday and had a lot of conference calls. That meant that the kids and I needed to get lost. Good thing that my parent's camper opened the week before. The kids and I headed over to my parents for the day.

The weather was not very nice. We walked around the campground and then took the kids for a ride so my father could take a nap. My mom and I headed to Dollar General. I found some hair clips for My Little Toots and My Little Guy found himself a straw hat. I also found a few other things too. (More on that another time.)

My mom suggested that he hit the Community thrift shop. I was so excited to go to a thrift shop. So many other blogerettes find incredible things at thrift shops. We walked in and I saw this incredible pitcher and bowl.

The price tag was right for $5.00 and I am into everything white. Then I walked around and started to look at the kids clothes. I usually don't buy kids clothes in consignment, but I found a beautiful skirt for My Little Toots from the Gap and two others from Lands End. They were in perfect condition and they cost $1.50 each. I found a cute pair of shorts from Gymboree for $1.50 and a nice dress from the Gap for $3.00. I was so excited that I found these great things I forgot about the pitcher and bowl.

When you go to a thrift shop I think it pays to go with someone, because they might see something that you don't. My mom found this hand embroidered table cloth for $1.00. She thought that it would look nice on one of my tables. Which it does

Like I said I was so excited about all this great stuff that I forgot about the pitcher and bowl until I got home and thought about. I must have thought about it very hard because my mom came over on Sunday and brought it to me. Thanks Mom. (That's another reason it pays to go shopping with someone.) I found a great place for it in our bedroom.

On our new fireplace. Yes, we have a fireplace in our bedroom. It's not a real fire, it's very fake!! But it was FREE!!!! I have to clean the mirror again. It's very streaky!!

Come back tomorrow to see how I got this fireplace for free and the story about the fireplace.

By the way the kids were so good in the consignment shop. They played with all the toys!!



Monday, April 12, 2010

Foggy the Frog


This afternoon I was raking the leaves and all of the sudden I saw this huge frog or toad. (I don't know the difference.) I called the kids over to see the frog and they were excited. I thought we could put it in a pail for a little bit to entertain the kids.

My Little Toots named the frog. She comes up with very original names!!

The kids looking at the frog after my Little Man let it out of the bucket. My Little Toots was a little taken back by the frog.

There goes Foggy jumping away as fast as he can. I have to thank him for entertaining the kids for a good 10 minutes. It took the kids another 10 minutes to say good-bye to Foggy.

I'll miss you Foggy. HAHAHAHA



Make sure to stop by tomorrow to see my new goodies.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sunday Afternoon


The weather outside was so inviting, Tommy and I decided to take the kids on a hike. We have a new trail that runs along Broadshead Creek. We packed a little picnic for snack. We hiked to a spot where Tommy and I could sit and relax and the kids could throw rocks.

This was our view while picnicking and watching the kids.

Our little toots throwing rocks. We had to keep telling them to pick up small rocks and make sure that the other was not near them when they throw the rocks.

The little man being fed grapes by Daddy. We didn't want dirty hands in the grapes. I have to tell you I thought about getting my hands dirty, so Tommy would feed me grapes. HAHAHA

The little man wearing Daddy's hat. When I was watching him from the back all I could see was Tommy. The best thing about this day is that my little man kept picking me flowers. After he presented me with a flower he would give me a kiss. He is so thoughtful. I wanted to bottle that moment!!

Look a picture of the love birds!!! Tommy had no idea I was taking this picture!! I think he was tired of saying the same thing over and over again to the kids!!
It was a very nice morning!!


Thursday, April 8, 2010

Snack Time

We went to NJ yesterday to get the kids sneakers and basketballs. I had Sport Authority cash and the closest one is in NJ. The plan was to get in and out of NJ fast and early so the kids could have some time playing outside in the morning. On the way home the kids were asking for their snack. I had the idea of going to a little farm stand in PA, well actually it's more of a bakery. I happen to think it's the best place to get pie in the area. So I thought that the kids could get a cookie and we could sit by the creek having a delicious snack. All was good until my little diva saw chocolate and the melt down began. I finally convinced her to get a apple cider donut. She seemed happy with the donut.

This little gem is located off Route 80 exit 310. I don't know if you can see it on the sign but you can go and get a hot dog and a slice of apple or pumpkin pie for $2.49. That's a bargain!! Remember it's good pie!!! I think that they raised the price because I thought it was $1.49 last summer.

They are now trying to sell everything local which is a great thing!! They have picnic tables all over the place to enjoy some goodies!

Cherry Blossom trees. I thought that they looked so inviting.

My little toots striking a pose. This is post melt down!! My little man was not in the mood to get his picture taken.

The creek and the peaceful waterfall. The kids got to throw rocks into the water and I got to watch them and listen to the running water. Running water is something that totally relaxes me.

My little toots throwing a rock.

My little man eating his apple cider donut!!

I think that this will become a weekly tradition for us. We can go for a hike first and then a sweet treat.

I need to remember to put the suntan lotion in the car!!

We love this weather!!!



Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Am I a Vintage Mom?

Yesterday, I spent the better part of the afternoon wondering if I am doing more harm to Amelia by staying at home to raise the kids.

We were eating lunch and we were talking about going to basketball class. Amelia said that she wanted to have a lady teacher. I explained to her that it could very well be a man. She said "no, mommy man goes to work like Daddy and ladies stay at home to work, like you." I had to think about how to handle this. I said "not all women stay at home to work." I said, "most women go to work like daddy". Then I told her that before I had them I worked everyday and drove into work with Daddy. Amelia again said "Mommy you always worked at home." I could see that this was a losing battle, luckily she moved on to the fact that her yogurt got on her shirt.

I NEVER expected to be a stay at home mom. I always figured that I would work and then come home and take care of the kids and house. Once we found out that we were having twins we really went back and forth trying to decide what to do. We figured that with Tommy's income and me staying at home we would be fine. I would be working to put the kids in daycare and most of our time together would be commuting to and from NJ.

People ask me when am I going back to work? I honestly don't know. I want to be here for the kids, I want to be present in their lives, and I want to know what is going on around them. I know the kids will be going to school soon and I will have free time and I could get a job, but I would really like to have my own business. I don't know what kind, but I do know that I need to be my own boss.

I may be a stay at home mom but I know that I am a true role model to my children because I am not afraid to get my hands dirty, I plunge the toilet, change light bulbs, paint anything I can, and am always looking for new projects, I can even change a tire. I know I am doing something right when my little girl has a hammer in her hands and says "we have to fix this."
So, no I am not doing more harm to my children and if you think I do nothing all day I challenge you to come and spend a whole day with me...if you can keep up!!


Last week I started my lettuce garden. For those who don't know my father built me a table top garden last year that I saw on the Martha Show. (I imagine all the things that I could make if I wasn't afraid to use a saw or if my father lived close by. I know that Tommy can help me but I hate to bother him after he has been working all day and week.)

I started the seeds a little later this year, because I was so busy the two weeks before. I am happy to report that after three days of basking in this wonderful weather we are having they are already sprouting. I am so excited. If there is one thing you should grow it's lettuce. It's super easy and they keep reproducing leaves. They also like cooler weather so I get leaves well into the fall.

Here is the table top garden. You can plant other vegetables and plants, but I prefer to grow my lettuce in the table.

I planted Mesclun because it's healthy and it grows almost like weeds. Think about how much it costs for Mesclun Mix at your grocery store. The seeds cost be $1.47 and I will get several meals with this lettuce.

You may see leaves and pine needles in the soil, that's some of my compost. I also used coffee beans with their filters. All of which gives the soil more nutrients.

The soil I bought from Lowe's. I bought Organic Mix for your vegetable garden. The bag usually costs $7.00. I got it for $3.00. How you may ask....well when a bag is damaged or opened they bag it in a clear bag with the original bag and sell it for over 50% off. It's still the same thing!! I learned that from the Today Show from one of their Garden experts last year.
I think the best time to get these deals is during the week. If you get there by the weekend it's usually gone. I've seen so many good deals like this during the week. I saw a $350 Whirlpool Microwave for $67. I was so tempted to buy it but I was afraid that maybe there was something truly wrong with it. I kick myself every time the kids ask for popcorn!!
I hope that you are enjoying the weather. Also make sure to actually go to my blog from time to time to listen to our favorite music. The music is some of Amelia's favorite dancing music and others are just ones that we like. Enjoy!!


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