Saturday, October 29, 2011

Bedroom Reveal

As promised I am back to share Speed Racer's new room.
Two weeks ago he told Tommy and I what he wanted for his room. Tommy and I looked at each other and said, "ok".

I painted the walls grey. I really like the color. I couldn't decide between a beige or grey.

There use to be a big shelf and bigger TV but I changed everything and made it smaller.

Have you guessed the theme yet?

It's Rock N Roll Baby!!!!
I know skeletons. He is fascinated with them. Like the cashier said to me the other day "maybe he will be a Doctor." I said to her "that would make this Jewish mother sooooo happy." She just laughed at me!!

The other day I ran into TJ Max (yes I really did just run in and out, I can do that.) to look for sheets for his bed and came across this guitar blanket. Score!!!
I was so excited!! The blue puppy is Nicely. She's a girl!! Speed Racer LOVES her!!!!

I found this pillow case at all places Wal-Mart.

His bed for now. I am still debating with myself if we should give in and get him a bunk bed. I hate the thought of having to make the top bed. I also want to get him a down comforter. It's a must in the Poconos for those frigid nights.
Tommy will be doing another mural on the wall as per Speed Racer's request. Guitars!!!!
I have found some other things for his room that he will be getting for his birthday and holiday gifts.

I just love that the kids can tell me exactly what they want.
Ballerina is now requesting that her room be re-painted. I told her maybe in the Spring. I mean I just re-painted her room almost two years ago.

Hope you have a great day!!!


Friday, October 28, 2011

Good Bye

Several months ago when Speed Racer moved into his own room, I promised him I would paint his room in the fall.
I kind of forgot and he has been talking about a different kind of room. So this week I worked on his room and one of the things I had to do was....

 paint over Tommy's mural. I hated to do it but I needed to make the little guy happy. I guess he is growing up.

I remember Tommy painting this wall. I sat there watching him and directing him. It was a big deal for me going to AC Moore to pick out the paint for the wall. It was my big day out while I was on bed rest.

This was my favorite part of the mural!! I requested the scarecrow surrounded by sunflowers!!

I can't believe how big the twins are getting. Speed Racer told us exactly what he wants done to his new room.

Stop back tomorrow to see what the I did to his room!!!


Thursday, October 20, 2011

A Great Day

This morning, everyone got dressed before breakfast. It was a little weird. Even more weird was that everyone was dressed up.

While we were getting breakfast ready, Speed Racer asked me if I wanted to go on a date? I was so blown away. He told Ballerina she could come too. (How nice of him since I had no one to watch her.)
I accepted his date. I think that there was a certain older man in the kitchen who was a little jealous!!

I knew exactly where I wanted to go on our date.

This is how Speed Racer was dressed when he asked me out on a date.

He even arranged to take me on a date in my dream car. Just kidding!! We were parked next to this at Home Depot.  Yes we went to Home Depot I needed to get some paint samples.
However, the little guy is truly a gentleman, he opened doors for me and even my car door.

After we were done a few errands and a little Halloween fun, we went for our date.

I have always wanted to take the kids here for Halloween. They decorate the whole place.  The kids are at the  perfect age to go here now.

I ordered us three Shirley Temples. Cheers

Happy Kids with a special drink!!

Some decorations.

The kids got a brownie sundae. It was part of their meal. So how could I say no. Plus, Speed Racer informed me that we don't say "NO" on dates. I can only say "YES". The apple doesn't fall from the tree. LOL!!

I told the waitress that she needed to bring the check with the sundaes because when they were done we wanted to run out before they got hyper!!

Some art work!!!

More art work!!

The display of skeleton heads before the kids started kicking them around.

This poor lady has been waiting for a very long time for her meal.

Our Waitress. Just kidding!! Just a display.

More decorations.

The guy who tried to leave without paying.

I don't know who their cleaning lady is but they should look for a new one.

Scary witch.

Nice witch.

Speed Racer said this was a cool place Mommy. Thanks!!

After lunch we took a little walk. I took some great pictures of the kids and then we spent an hour in the Wal-Mart toy section trying to figure out what the kids want for their Birthday.

I love that my son calls me his girl friend!!

Thanks for Stopping By!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Treat, A Lamp Story, and Some Art Work

One of the kid's favorite television shows has a song that they sing. It goes a little something like this....
"I don't like candy corn
No, I don't like candy corn
I love lots of other things but I don't like candy corn."-It goes on and on but I love this song because I don't like candy corn unless...

It's mixed with peanuts. I saw this someplace about a month ago and I tried some at the Halloween Party at the campground. I decided to make us some for snack today. I don't usually let the kids have candy for snack but I thought I would give them a treat.
It tastes like a Pay Day candy bar. Yummy!!!

Several weeks ago, Speed Racer broke Ballerina's lamp.
She needed a new lamp and I looked around for one for several weeks.
Last week I was down in my basement and found this lamp.

I kind of like it, but it's wouldn't go in Ballerina's room.

So I decided to try and make something to fit in her room. I spent $3.00 to fix it up.

I spray painted the base white and bought two yard of pink tulle. I also added one of Ballerina's old tutus underneath.

She loves it!!! I only spent $3.00 and I got one more thing out of my basement.

Ballerina also got a little art work hung up in her room the other day.

There it is over her bed. Tommy drew this picture from a picture I took of Ballerina when she was three months old. It was taken while we were at the outlets on President's Day. Tommy drew the picture several years ago, but I recently framed it for Tommy and Ballerina.

I remember this day like it was yesterday!! How the time has gone by soooo fast!!!

I love when Tommy does art work. I can see it brings him happiness and peacefulness. That makes me happy.
 He recently started and finished this picture in a matter of a month or so. He finished this piece on Saturday and I immediately went to the store and bought a frame and hung it up!!

Sorry about the glare!! It's a picture of Maine.
When I look at this picture it makes me feel so relaxed, almost like I do when I'm in Maine.

Thanks for Stopping By.


Monday, October 17, 2011

Checking Off My 40 Things to Do List

Remember several months ago I blogged that I made a 40 Things to do Before I'm 40. Well, I am moving kind of slow at checking things off. As December rolls closer every day I get a little nervous. Because I now only have a little over a year to accomplish my list!!! Yikes!!

I'll just keep thinking I can do it!!!

Anyway, yesterday I was able to check one more thing off my 40 List!! Yippy!!!

I walked over the Brooklyn Bridge. It will also be a day our family will NEVER forget. Some of you already know what happened and some of you don't know yet!!

We left our house around 8:00 in the morning. We had a very short time in the city because Tommy had a tailgating party to attend at the Giant Stadium with some colleagues from work.
We got to the city about 10:00. We found a parking spot on Liberty Street right down the road from where Occupy Wall Street was taking place.

We started out for our adventure over the Brooklyn Bridge. I was so excited despite a matter I was having with a family matter. More on that another time.

Grab yourself a drink and snack and enjoy the sites!!

Here we are at the Brooklyn Bridge.

I have always wanted to walk over this bridge. I have never been to Brooklyn either.

Just love all the details of this bridge and all the architecture of the area!!

This was  fun for the kids because the day before my parents set sail out of NYC for a cruise.
So the kids were excited to be walking over the River that my parent's set sail on!!!

Tommy and the kids!!

Trying not to fall over. I have a fear of heights so this was huge for me!!

Hello Lady Liberty. I can't wait to take the kids to see her up close and explain to them about their family members that came here from other countries and were greeted by her.

Ballerina following all the people running over the bridge.

Walking down the stairs into Brooklyn/Dumbo.

Walking the streets trying to find a pizza place open at 11:00 am on a Sunday.

Hello bakery. I will come to visit you next time I'm in Brooklyn. But I must go over here instead!!

I have heard so many wonderful things about this store there was NO WAY I was not going in here.

Decorated nicely for autumn.

Speed Racer checking out the cookies.

I'll have one of everything.
Instead we all shared one chocolate chip cookie. So yummy!!!

Under the bridge.

A Little Autumn in Brooklyn.

Love the tunnel.

I was so excited to see this store. I have always wanted to go into this store. However, it's closed until the 17th. Tommy tipped them off!! LOL!!!

Heading back over the bridge.

This is the best way!! If you want to walk the bridge and can only do one way. You want to walk it from Brooklyn. It's so breathtaking!!

Another photo opp!!

Ballerina wanted to get a picture of us!! Don't you just love it?

Look who else was walking the Brooklyn Bridge

I must have taken about 50 pictures of this building. I am so obsessed with the building. I hate to say I have no idea what building it is but I do intend to find out.

I want to go inside!!

Truly love it!!

Me...happy to have walked over the bridge.

We were so excited to have walked over the bridge on such a beautiful day!!

We got to our street where we parked the car. However, the car was not there. Tommy and I looked at each other. We were one block from NYPD. So we headed to the police station. We met a nice Officer Mayes who comforted us and walked with us to where our car was. He showed us how the sign said no parking except Sunday but the arrow was facing the opposite of our car. I still don't understand the sign situation. So Tommy asked how do we find out where they took our car. The Officer looked at us like we should know that you need to call 311. So Tommy called and twenty minutes later they told us West Side Highway impound and Officer Mayes told us no way it's at the Navy Yard in Brooklyn. Tommy and I were trying so hard to keep our cool and patience in front of the kids because we didn't want to scare them or get arrested!!!

So, we decided to call one last time and they found our car at the Navy Yard in Brooklyn. So back we went over the Brooklyn Bridge again. Let me just say one thing here Tommy did not know his License plate number. In fact he kept saying it begins with DRT. (DRT is the beginning of Tommy's old car, we have the plate hanging up on our wall.)

As we walked over the bridge AGAIN, Ballerina fell and hurt herself and cried the whole way over the bridge. UGH!!!! We got back to Brooklyn and had to find the Navy Yard. I felt like we were on a scavenger hunt. After walking around Brooklyn for 30 minutes we found the Navy yard.
Walked in, luckily the impound was not busy when we got there.

We looked at the signs and realized that we need an up to date photo id. Tommy's expired on October 3rd. He has his temporary license in the car but has no photo!! I was getting nervous that they would not let me claim the car because my name is not on the title. I was getting so sick to my stomach. The clerk gave me a pass to go to the car to get our car insurance card. I get to the car and pull out the card and it expired 6/22/11. I began crying. I was by myself at this point because they only allow one person in the lot. I asked the cop "what am I going to do now?" We said call the insurance company and have them fax a copy to us. I looked at him like he was crazy because I'm thinking to myself who will be at an office at 3:00 on Sunday afternoon.
Well my insurance company was there and they had my insurance cards faxed to me in two minutes. I turned around and now there were 12 people in line to get their cars.  Luckily the clerk called me over and had me out of there in 10 minutes. Let's think right here $185 times 12=$2,220 in 20-30 minutes.

I was then escorted back to the lot to get my car. After you get your car you have to stop at a booth and a cop has to check you out. I asked him where I can pull over to pick up my family. He said "anywhere." I said, "really because I don't want to get towed or get another ticket." He laughed at me!!!

Once we loaded up the car we headed back home. No tailgating for Tommy and no trip to IKEA for me.
We did stop for a six pack. We needed it after that day.

This morning Tommy asked everyone what their favorite thing was about yesterday.
Ballerina-walking over the bridge.
Speed Racer-getting the car.
Tommy-being with our family.
Me-getting home safe and sound!!

It was a day that will not be forgotten. I can certainly laugh about it now!!!

I hope you had an uneventful weekend!!



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