Monday, June 13, 2011

Black and White Checkered Weekend

On Saturday, I said to Tommy I notice a common theme for our weekend.

 For two reasons:

Reason 1:
It was Pocono Nascar Weekend.
We get excited because it means we will be able to see some race cars over the weekend. It also means Speed Racer's favorite festival is happening. "Pocono Nascar Festival."
They close down Main Street for live music, food, beverages, and Nascar race cars.

I get excited for this festival because of Speed Racer. He lights up seeing all those cool cars.

Speed Racer and a muscle car.

Every one's favorite race car M&M.

Tommy enjoying the cars too. Ballerina is holding her ears shut because the music is too loud for her!!

Coming out of the trailer.

I just love the red and yellow M&M guys!! I might have to frame this and hang in the kid's playroom.

Ballerina riding in the downhill Derby car.

It's not moving but he doesn't care. Only four more years and he can join this team!!

I just love the American and Nascar flags lining Main Street.

Now for reason number 2: (Black and White Checkered Weekend)

We laid down the floor in the North Wing. My Dad and I laid the sub flooring on Friday and then Tommy and I did the checkered flooring all weekend!!
I kept going back and forth about the flooring but I am glad that I went with my first choice. It makes the area look bigger too!!

Even though we still have to lay the floor trim, which I am painting now. We moved in some stuff!!

 I still have to put on the sofa cover. The kids have their dolls watching TV.

The kids wanted to color in the playroom so I set up an area for them to color. I have such plans for this little area.

We moved in this black table to make the area look nice.
I am working on a little project with the white frame and blue background.

This week I need to paint the trim for the floor, windows, and doors. I am re-painting the red door from last year. So much to do!! I am so excited I can't wait for it to be done so I can enjoy our new area.

I will keep you updated on my progress and a little something else I am working on too. Tommy doesn't even know!! HeeeHeee.

I hope you all had a great weekend!!!


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