Thursday, January 12, 2012


You know my saying

"When the cat is away the mice will play."

Tommy was in Atlanta this week for a meeting.

My parent's came up to keep us company and help me with the kids.

On, Tuesday night I told them I was thinking about making a big change in the family room. I have been thinking about doing this for some time, but I wasn't too sure. My parent's listened to my idea and encouraged to make the change. That's what parents are for right? To encourage their children!!

Anyway, we sat around Wednesday discussing it some more because it would take a bit of work.

I figured I would sleep on it and decide in the morning. I thought about it and decided to go ahead and re-arrange a few things.

Here is my Dad (playing Vannah White). Since, buying this TV a few years ago for Christmas we never had a entertainment center for the TV. I was bothered by that and the fact that you can see ALL the wires. Wires for the TV, computer, Wii, DVD player, DVR, and the computer router. Too many wires.

I had a simple solution without spending any money!!!

I bought down the fireplace from room and placed it here!!!
What do you think?
I really like the change.
The fireplace was slighty covering my heater vent in my room making my room very cold.

So, by moving the fireplace downstairs I resolved two problems.

The fireplace also has some logs that needs a new light. I also need to get some black felt to cover the wires in the back. I can't stand seeing wires!!
My Dad built a little shelf inside the fireplace for all the cable and computer boxes. We also hung the TV on the wall which is something Tommy has wanted to do.

I  just got this new chair!! Nana gave it to me. It was suppose to be my chair over 12 years ago but she really wanted it so I let her have it! LOL!!! Nana got a new reclining chair that helps her get out of her chair.

The more I look at the new arrangement the more I am happy with my decision.

I just need to get new tiles for around the fireplace. The kids also think that Hanukkah Harry has a new way of coming into our house.

I can't wait to hear what the Cat will say!! TEEHEEE

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