Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Meet MG

Howdy everyone!! I hope that you had a great Thanksgiving and you are getting yourself ready for the holidays.

We are pretty much ready for Hanukkah. Christmas is another story.

Last Monday (The Monday before Thanksgiving) my sister in law Lauren went for her ob/gyn check up and they told her that her water broke sometime overnight and that she needed to go to the hospital so they could induce her. Lauren headed to the hospital thinking that in just a short while she would be meeting her baby girl.

Lauren was induced for almost THREE days before she met her baby.
Finally on Wednesday night around 8:00 they decided that they were going to do a C-Section. To make matters worse for Lauren as she was getting ready for her surgery she was bumped for an emergency c-section. THE NERVE!!! (I know it happens).

At 9:35 pm, Baby MG made her debut into the world.  She weighed in at 8lbs even.  I think that she was over 20 inches long.

Tommy and I were so excited to get the news!! We stayed up a little late toasting and cheering for our new niece!!  We are so happy for Gared and Lauren!!

On Friday morning after I did some black Friday shopping we headed down to South Jersey to meet our little niece and the kids got to meet their new cousin. The kids are so excited!!!!

Don't you just love that head of hair!!

I just love these cheeks!! I could just eat them up!!!

Sleeping so peacefully!!!

As soon as I walked in I took that baby and she was ALL mine for my entire visit!! I wasn't going to share her but I figured Tommy wanted to hold his niece.

There he is holding his niece.

Long Feet!!

The beautiful family!!!

Speed Racer meeting his new cousin. The oldest meets the youngest.
This little dude is surrounded by girls on the Walters' side.

Ballerina meeting MG!!

Long Fingers too!!

Nana so proud to have another great grandchild!!

Warning this next picture makes me cry. This is my baby brother with his little girl!!
Word on the street is that as soon as she was born he was strutting around like a proud peacock!!

I am so happy for Gared and Lauren!! I know that they are going to be great parents!!

I've been asked if I am ready for another one and I laugh and say I love my sleep!!
Plus if I want a baby I will just go and visit MG!!!

This was a great Thanksgiving!!


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