Thursday, June 30, 2011

Missing in Action

I know I have been missing in action AGAIN!!

I have been very busy trying to get the North Wing finished. It is almost done we just have to nail all the trim and lay down the slate in the mudroom. I am also trying to organize and use all the space efficiently.

Sunflowers from Ballerina's recital.

As you may notice I changed the name of my blog Again!!!

I have this thing about wearing pearls. I love to wear them!! It doesn't matter what I am doing I have to have pearls on, whether in my ears, wrist or around my neck. I always have pearls on. Plus, I wasn't digging the whole Hen thing anymore.

Butterfly Garden at Bronx Zoo

Besides trying to finish the North Wing, I have been doing trips with the kids, having company, dance recitals, swim lessons, soccer, taking care of the house, and tending to the kids.

Koi Pond at Bronx Zoo

After a very busy three weeks all of this has finally got up to me. I have been sooooooo exhausted
 and drained. It has taken me four days to get out of my recent funk!!!

Finally, today I have started to get out of my funk. I have been noticing all the little things again!!

Roses to Ballerina from Speed Racer

Like rose petals that dropped on the table and sent a little love!!!

Recently I made sushi.

Ok, so I made kid sushi. I have been wanting to make these forever!! I finally did!!

They were a hit with the kiddies!!

I unrolled fruit roll-ups made rice krispies and spread it out over the roll-up and added Twizzlers in the middle. I rolled it all together like sushi. I plan on making these again if I find green roll-ups. When I do I will make a tutorial for you!!! It's a neat snack for kiddies or the kiddie inside us!!!

Hope you are enjoying your summer!!


Thursday, June 16, 2011


Several weeks ago I decided that the kids could do some chores around the house.

I decided this because the kids are always asking to do something to help me. I appreciate that they want to help me.

It took me some time to think of some chores that they would really like and take ownership and be proud of.

Each week the chores rotate.

One set of the chores is  feed Bing (our dog) and set out the place mats for the meals.
The other set is to let Bing in and out for his potty break and put out the napkins.
Of course they wash their hands in between. Don't be afraid to eat here!!

Here is Speed Racer feeding Bing.

Both kids really love feeding Bing. They ask me all the time when is it my turn to feed Bing.

Speed Racer really loves taking care of Bing.

 Ballerina letting Bing in from the outside.

Closing the door into Bing's room.

Speed Racer getting the place mats out.

Setting the table with the placemats.

Ballerina setting out the napkins. I won't tell her yet that the napkins go one the left side.

Also showing off her manicure provided by Grams.

The kids really LOVE their chores!!!

I don't have to tell them most of the time. They often ask me. When they hear me making their meals they start to set the table.

In the next couple of weeks I am going to introduce another chore.

I'm trying to figure out if it should be...
  1. Make a meal.
  2. Laundry
  3. Taking out the trash
  4. Paying Bills           


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Secret Project Reveal

In my last blog post, I mentioned that I was working on a project that no one knew about. Truth be told my Dad knew because in any project I do I need to make sure I am doing it right. 

As I mentioned I was re-painting the back door. I had painted it last summer and some of the paint chipped off the window trim. So, as I was re-painting the wall I decided that I needed to take the plunge and re-paint the front door. Remember several months ago I asked your opinion on what color to paint my front door?

Since I had more then 3/4 of a gallon of paint left I decided to paint my front door the same color as the back door.

It definitely makes a statement.

Now I need to paint the door frame and re-place the kick plate.
I also need to add some flowers or some other decoration besides the boots.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Black and White Checkered Weekend

On Saturday, I said to Tommy I notice a common theme for our weekend.

 For two reasons:

Reason 1:
It was Pocono Nascar Weekend.
We get excited because it means we will be able to see some race cars over the weekend. It also means Speed Racer's favorite festival is happening. "Pocono Nascar Festival."
They close down Main Street for live music, food, beverages, and Nascar race cars.

I get excited for this festival because of Speed Racer. He lights up seeing all those cool cars.

Speed Racer and a muscle car.

Every one's favorite race car M&M.

Tommy enjoying the cars too. Ballerina is holding her ears shut because the music is too loud for her!!

Coming out of the trailer.

I just love the red and yellow M&M guys!! I might have to frame this and hang in the kid's playroom.

Ballerina riding in the downhill Derby car.

It's not moving but he doesn't care. Only four more years and he can join this team!!

I just love the American and Nascar flags lining Main Street.

Now for reason number 2: (Black and White Checkered Weekend)

We laid down the floor in the North Wing. My Dad and I laid the sub flooring on Friday and then Tommy and I did the checkered flooring all weekend!!
I kept going back and forth about the flooring but I am glad that I went with my first choice. It makes the area look bigger too!!

Even though we still have to lay the floor trim, which I am painting now. We moved in some stuff!!

 I still have to put on the sofa cover. The kids have their dolls watching TV.

The kids wanted to color in the playroom so I set up an area for them to color. I have such plans for this little area.

We moved in this black table to make the area look nice.
I am working on a little project with the white frame and blue background.

This week I need to paint the trim for the floor, windows, and doors. I am re-painting the red door from last year. So much to do!! I am so excited I can't wait for it to be done so I can enjoy our new area.

I will keep you updated on my progress and a little something else I am working on too. Tommy doesn't even know!! HeeeHeee.

I hope you all had a great weekend!!!


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Strawberry Season

Yesterday, the kids and I headed to our annual spot to pick strawberries.
We were suppose to go on Thursday, but I saw how hot it's suppose to be and decided we needed to go right away!!

If you live in North Jersey and want to go strawberry picking I suggest you go here.

Look at those beauties.

Speed Racer looking for the perfect strawberry to pick.

Ballerina loves picking fruit, vegetables, and flowers. She's a chip off the old block!

Showing off their strawberries.

They not only look yummy, they also taste very yummy.

After the picking the kids wanted to go to the playground at the farm. That was fine by me because it was next to the flowers.

Speed Racer riding one of the bikes.

Ballerina climbing up the ladder. She is wearing boots because we have learned after three years of picking food, that even if it hasn't rained the fields are still wet and muddy.

Ballerina peeking through the flowers.

Speed Racer driving the truck.

The kids are wondering what we are going to go with all these strawberries.

We're making jam of course.

But first, we are going to make dessert. I thought we should make something light and refreshing. I came up with angel food cake.

Look at that batter. I will share the recipe at the end.

Speed Racer hulled the strawberries and Ballerina cut them in half.

Look at them go. Ballerina started chopping the strawberries. I think she watches me in the kitchen.

Once the strawberries were in the pot I realized we still had a lot of strawberries left.

I sliced two cups of strawberries and froze them to use this weekend for strawberry rhubarb pie.
Tommy and the kids love this pie!

I cut some up to freeze and throw into smoothies.

The angel food cake turned out great!!

The kids ate their dinner very fast because they knew what they had waiting for dessert.

Are you wondering what the hell is that? It's a angel food cake slicer. It cuts each piece perfectly.

We made seven jars of jam. We are looking forward to having some for lunch today!!

So now I will share my angel food cake recipe. I have tried a handul of times to make this cake and it never turns out right. I think that I have a hard time getting the egg whites to the right consistency.

I know I cheated. But it turned out and that's what is important. I add the zest of a lemon you could probably do orange zest. I also added 1tsp of vanilla extract, and love.

At the end of the day we have about 15 strawberries left. Hopefully next week we will be able to pick up more from our farmer's market. I think that PA strawberries are better!!



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