Monday, December 13, 2010

Crafty Christmas

I've been busy crafting Christmas presents for all the little people in our lives.
I love making things especially for people I love so much!!!

As I am starting to add all the finishing touches to the gift I suddenly had a vision....

OH MY GOD!!! I am that Aunt/relative!!! The Aunt/relative that would do this...

Our gift isn't that bad!!! I am not that good at sewing yet!!!!
Maybe by the time the little people are the same age as Ralphie in this picture I will be able to make them this gift!!!

I know you are now dying to know what I made but you will have to wait until after the new year!!! HAHAHAHA!!
I know I'm mean!!!
But I love the gift and want one for myself!!!!


Good Bye Hanukkah

Sorry for the lack of posts during Hanukkah but, something about Hanukkah brought out the little monsters in our kids.

My Hanukkah Decorations!!

This is the only time you will see me decorating with this color blue.

Our lovely menorah which I just remembered I forgot to clean before I packed it up for next year!!

I am so happy that they have more decorations for Hanukkah unlike when I was growing up.

On the First Night of Hanukkah Harry brought to the kids flannel sheet set, DVD movie, and a holiday book. The kids also got winter coats and some toys.

On the Second Night of Hanukkah Harry brought to the kids a snowman fleece blanket, Olivia doll and books for Ballerina, Toy Story Dolls and books for Speed Racer.

On the Third Night of Hanukkah Harry brought to the kids winter boots and walkie talkies.

On the Fourth Night of Hanukkah Harry brought to the kids games, necklace, and a watch.

On the Fifth Night of Hanukkah Harry brought to the kids Toy Story Three DVD and toys, plus breakfast with the gang from Sesame Street.

On the Sixth Night of Hanukkah Harry brought to the kids pajamas and slippers.

On the Seventh Night of Hanukkah Harry brought to the kids a sled, hats, and gloves.

On the Eightth Night of Hanukkah Harry brought to the kids Leap Frog TAG system.

We also did some traditional Hanukkah activites.

We made potato latkas, played dreidel, colored Hanukkah pictures, and made Star of David garland.

So Tommy and I decided that next year we need to make things simple for the kids. We decided that next we will do the traditional lighting of the menorah and then as a family we will do some good deeds.

The kids will then get a few presents on the 8th night of Hanukkah.

We have put all of our Hanukkah decorations away and started decorating for winter.

I hope to post some pictures tomorrow of our winter decorations.


Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Well, it's that time of year again!! Hanukkah is here!! The kids are so excited for their presents.
Last year told the kids that Hanukkah Harry brings them gifts. Hanukkah Harry is a SNL character. It's better for them to think someone else is bring them underwear. Otherwise I will hear Mommy I told you I wanted that Tonka Truck. This way we can say Harry must think you need that underwear. LOL!!! Plus they wanted to know why Jewish people don't have a Santa.

I told the kids that only Jewish adults can see and talk to Harry. I also told them that Daddy can't talk to him because Daddy is not Jewish.

This worked out the other day when Speed Racer decided that Tommy should go and hang Christmas Lights outside. I told Speed Racer that I needed to check with Harry. I called Harry and he told me no!! Speed Racer accepted this!!!

I know that I am wrong for doing this but it works for us!!! I think I need to seek the help of a rabbi!!

Yesterday I took the kids to a Christmas Store and they had a melt down that Hanukkah was starting tomorrow night and we didn't have a tree. I had to explain to them in a store that we don't really need a tree for Hanukkah all we need is a menorah. I explained that we get a tree for Daddy!!

We went to another store and the lady asked them if they were ready for Christmas. Ballerina said "well we are Jewish and we help others celebrate Christmas. We are waiting for Hanukkah Harry!!


I just love that they have Hanukkah decorations. When I was little they didn't have decorations and that really angered me.

I just love to decorate!!

Come back tomorrow to see what Harry brought the kids and our Hanukkah craft!!


White Thanksgiving

Last year we started the tradition of hiking the morning of Thanksgiving.

As we got dressed we noticed that it was snowing outside. We decided that we would still go for our hike. I'm so glad that we did!!

We were so excited for the snow!!

I had visions of myself turning into Clark Griswold and taking this tree home for our holiday tree.

This bird house is all decorated for the holidays.

A brief stop to figure out which way to go!!


Looking at the Creek

She needs a better hat!!

This is my new favorite spot.

More berries!!

Speed Racer jumping up and down on the bouncy bridge.

He loved this hike!!!

Be sure to have us take you on this trail. Its a nice easy hike with the sound of the water!!

A daddy and his little girl!!!

It looks like someone is visiting the tree to take care of some business. Don't worry he didn't!!

Snow on the tree

More berries!!! I love berries!!

After our hike we went home and got all dolled up for Thanksgiving. I feel that the holidays is a time to really get dressed up!! I am so happy that my kids agree!!

Speed Racer is going to bring back the bow tie!!! He looks so darn cute!!
I'm going to try and make some for him and the other cute little boy we love so much!! You know who you are!!

This girl would dress up everyday!! Especially in her spinning out dresses.

Such a cute brother and sister team!!

Meet MG

Howdy everyone!! I hope that you had a great Thanksgiving and you are getting yourself ready for the holidays.

We are pretty much ready for Hanukkah. Christmas is another story.

Last Monday (The Monday before Thanksgiving) my sister in law Lauren went for her ob/gyn check up and they told her that her water broke sometime overnight and that she needed to go to the hospital so they could induce her. Lauren headed to the hospital thinking that in just a short while she would be meeting her baby girl.

Lauren was induced for almost THREE days before she met her baby.
Finally on Wednesday night around 8:00 they decided that they were going to do a C-Section. To make matters worse for Lauren as she was getting ready for her surgery she was bumped for an emergency c-section. THE NERVE!!! (I know it happens).

At 9:35 pm, Baby MG made her debut into the world.  She weighed in at 8lbs even.  I think that she was over 20 inches long.

Tommy and I were so excited to get the news!! We stayed up a little late toasting and cheering for our new niece!!  We are so happy for Gared and Lauren!!

On Friday morning after I did some black Friday shopping we headed down to South Jersey to meet our little niece and the kids got to meet their new cousin. The kids are so excited!!!!

Don't you just love that head of hair!!

I just love these cheeks!! I could just eat them up!!!

Sleeping so peacefully!!!

As soon as I walked in I took that baby and she was ALL mine for my entire visit!! I wasn't going to share her but I figured Tommy wanted to hold his niece.

There he is holding his niece.

Long Feet!!

The beautiful family!!!

Speed Racer meeting his new cousin. The oldest meets the youngest.
This little dude is surrounded by girls on the Walters' side.

Ballerina meeting MG!!

Long Fingers too!!

Nana so proud to have another great grandchild!!

Warning this next picture makes me cry. This is my baby brother with his little girl!!
Word on the street is that as soon as she was born he was strutting around like a proud peacock!!

I am so happy for Gared and Lauren!! I know that they are going to be great parents!!

I've been asked if I am ready for another one and I laugh and say I love my sleep!!
Plus if I want a baby I will just go and visit MG!!!

This was a great Thanksgiving!!



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