Thursday, November 18, 2010


I can't believe that in a week it will be Thanksgiving.
In less then two weeks it will be Hanukkah.

Next week Tommy will be taking a much needed vacation from work.
I have decided to take a little vacation from blogging.
I hope you don't mind!!!
When I come back all of my Hanukkah decorations will be up and I will share the first half of my holiday decorations with you!!

I wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving.

I have so much to be Thankful for.
Here are my top three things I am Thankful for...

My best friend and soul mate!!

My little man who I love so dearly and is the best son!!!!

My Little Girl who is truly my mini me!!

Thanksgiving Time

(Author Unknown)

When all the leaves are off the boughs,

And nuts and apples gathered in,

And cornstalks waiting for the cows,

And pumpkins safe in barn and bin,

Then Mother says, "My children dear,

The fields are brown, and autumn flies;

Thanksgiving Day is very near,

And we must make thanksgiving pies!"

Here is a little inspiration!!

Life is short
Make the most of the time you have.
Every second and every minute counts.

Hug a little tighter.

Laugh a little longer.

Yell a little less.

Forget about the mess.


And remember that the very most important things are those that depend on us the very most.

Our children and our families.

Happy Thanksgiving!!


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Confession and Nesting

I have a confession this whole week the kids and I have remained in our PJ's until 10:30.
This is very unlike me . I don't know if it's the weather or that I just get so caught up on what I am doing.

By the time the kids and I get back downstairs from getting showered, bathed, and dressed it's 11:30.

I have never been one of those people that stay in their PJ's but lately that's what I've been doing. I'm not sure if I like this new routine.

I feel kind of slow lately. I am a morning person so staying in my PJs until 10:30 is so abnormal!!!

Anyway that is my big confession!!! You were probably hoping for something juicy!!
Sorry to disappoint you!!

Anywho...I have been nesting like crazy. I am fighting every urge to decorate for the holidays.

Several years ago I turned our little coat closet by the front door into a little mudroom.
I suddenly don't like it anymore. I don't like how our coats just get thrown in there.
So this is what I did...

I hung the door back up with a little help from my little handy man who ran right to his toolbox and got out a screwdriver. I hung up these hooks so Tommy and I can hang our jackets up.

I took the shoe holder from the back of the kid's bedroom door and put all of their shoes and my often worn shoes in the holder. Now when we come in we go right to that area and take everything off and put it right away.

I know that I move and change things around all the time but I am always looking for the best solution for us.

As I was saying before, I am fighting the urge to decorate for the holidays, but getting everything ready to decorate is not a bad thing right?

Well I have an ever growing collection of snowman plates, bowls, cups, and other kitchen supplies. I hate that all of it is closed behind the cabinets.

So you know what I did?....

I took the cabinet doors down.
It also gave me the chance to organize everything BETTER!!

This is a before shot.

Since baking season starts next week. I put all my baking supplies in one area. Everything is right here for me to work. I don't have to run to the pantry or the drawers and risk falling over the kids or one of their toys. (This has happened more then once.)

Here is our everyday plates. The plates we use the most. Plus I like to add some special touches of decoration.

This is our hot drink cabinet. In here I have our mugs, our tray for the sugar and creamer, the tea box, coffee (regular and decaf) hot chocolate packets, and of course the marshmallows. I also moved our coffee maker right under this cabinet next to the sink.

Our drinking glasses, wine opener, and a flask in case it's a rough day.

This will help me decide if I want to do open shelves in the future.

I think that I need to add some trim and fixings to the exposed wood.

I also made a new dining room centerpiece. I change this around several times a week.

I went outside and gathered some greens, hydrangeas, leaves, and berries, and tossed on some oranges. To make it appropriate for this Thanksgiving season.

I just LOVE a free centerpiece!!!

This is what the kids have been doing. Playing with the musical cars. Speed Racer already had one that played "Life is a Highway" and he got another one that plays "The Cha Cha Song" ANNOYING!!!!
Here they are yelling at me to spread my legs. They wanted me to be a tunnel/bridge.

Come back tomorrow for a couple of recipes!!


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Birthday Celebration Part 3

Ok, I am going to just go right ahead and share the pictures.

Kick up your feet  and grab yourself a cup of hot cocoa or tea and enjoy!!!

Getting up on the horse

Getting the right size helmet is important in riding a horse.

Making sure the girl gets the right helmet for his little sister.

Being put on the horse.

So graceful on the horse.

Getting ready to head out onto the trail.

Getting her grip

Riding in the fresh air

Enjoying the ride.

He kind of looks like a jockey.

Enjoying the ride

Happy Trails to you!!

I love this shot of Speed Racer and the background.

Still enjoying the ride in silence.

Ballerina's hands.

Every cowgirl needs pink boots.

Cowboy's hands

Side by side

Inside and now he is galloping!!

Here is Ballerina and her horse galloping.
I was trying not to show my nervousness

The end of the ride

Barn door

Getting ready to get off the horse

Good Ride

I think he liked the ride.

I think she liked the ride too

Cowboy boots

Big Brother and Little Sister


Stir ups

Ballerina letting me take another picture

Love the sign

My true loves

Feeling the after math of a horse ride.(oh boy he will kill me when he is 15)


After spending some time on this farm I realized that I would love to have a horse farm so the kids and I could ride all the time. The kids were so calm during and after their ride. It was kind of weird.

I hope to get myself a horse ride soon.

After the ride we went to lunch and I got some great photos. I will share later this week.

Happy Trails to you until we meet again!!

Cowboy and his boots


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