Thursday, June 24, 2010

It has been so hot here!! I can't believe that it's only June!! These hot days remind me of the dog days of August. The kids and I have been going to the pool which has a spray park. I figure that the kids would love to play in all the sprinklers. I told them that we would save the pool for the weekends when Daddy is with us. I get nervous when it's just me at the pool with the kids.
Then I got to thinking, why am I nervous. I was a lifeguard and I am trained in CPR and First Aid. I also taught kids their age how to swim. I was a life guard at a day camp and watched hundreds of kids swim. So why couldn't I take care of my two little kids in the pool?
So yesterday I took them into the pool. The kids played on the steps. Princess kept asking me to take her swimming, but I couldn't leave Speed Racer even though he wouldn't move from the steps.
I taught Princess to doggy paddle and she was getting very good at paddling, but she was getting bored not moving anywhere. So I put her noodle around her and held onto her until she asked me to let go. GULP!!!! I took a deep breath and let her go....let's just say she is just like her Mommy, she LOVES to swim. She could not move fast enough and not get far enough from the steps.
I managed to get Speed Racer to come in the water with me and float in my arms. Speed Racer is a little nervous in the water so he grabs my bathing suit. I think I might need to get a swimming top so he can't flash everyone my stuff!!
I love that the kids want to be at the pool. When I was growing up we were at the pool all day. We would get there at 11:00 and stay until dinner time or sometimes when the pool closed!! Those were the days.
Yesterday, we got to the pool at 12 stayed until 2 went home for the kids nap. Went back to the pool and stayed until 6.
Here is the spray park!!

Princess enjoying the water!!

Princess all soakin wet!!

Speed Racer taking a rest

I think that I am going to love the summer. Free entertainment for the kids. What's better then that?

What are your plans to keep cool?


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sea Lion in the River

On Father's Day we took Tommy to the Delaware River for a breakfast picnic.

Amelia said "Look Daddy a sea lion."

Silly it's just Bing!! It has been over three years since Bing has gone swimming. He was never the one who really liked swimming. That was Lily!! It was fun watching Bing show off in front of the kids. I think that Bing was enjoying all the attention!!

Bing came home and got a nice outdoor bath!!

He had a great day and I hope you have a great day!!


Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day

I was going to post a note on Saturday night but I thought I would help Tommy put the kids to bed instead!!

I am honored and priviledged to be raising Princess and Speed Racer with such a great father.

Tommy has such great patience with them and me!! He is a great Father. He really loves our children and truly wants to help me out with them. I know of plenty of men who leave everything for their wives to handle.

I owe Tommy everything. He has given me the three greatest gifts that anyone could have given me: his love, Speed Racer, and Princess.

I am truly blessed to be traveling this life with such a great man!!


Friday, June 18, 2010

Father's Day Week

I think that I subconsciously didn’t blog about Father’s Day all week. I won’t bore you with the details or my problems!!

Today, the kids and I were wrapping all the Father’s Day gifts and filling out some last minute cards and started to think about my Daddy!!!

I my be a grown woman but I am still Daddy’s little girl!! Growing up I always thought that I was so lucky to have a cool Dad. My dad could do anything and everything. When people would compare whose Dad was the best I always won.

My Dad became a father long before I came into the picture. At the age of sixteen my father’s dad died of a heart attack. My father dropped out of high school and got a job to help my Nana support his sister and brother.

Some of the best things about my father is that he is laid back, has a great sense of humor, and very young at heart.

When I was a teenager and I was going on my first date, my Dad thought it would be awesome if he would embarrass me by dressing up like a hill billy . He put on a pair of shorts, cowboy boots, and a weird hat and came to my room and told me that he was ready to meet my date. I looked at him and I was mortified!! He got by brothers to dress up funny too. Guess that was better then him answering the door with a shot gun. He did change his clothes right before my dad came to get me.

One of my favorite things that my father would say to me was you better hope that nothing ever happens to your mother because I will take you to Kmart and buy your clothes at the blue light special. Again mortified!!! In high school I went to several homecomings and proms which would require a new dress and my father was always happy to suggest that we try going to Kmart to buy my dress. So it was no surprise to me that when I was shopping for my wedding gown my Dad suggested that we try Kmart!!!

My father had his own business, worked very hard all by himself. He would come home and spend time with us or when we had an activity my Dad was ALWAYS there. To this day my Dad is always there for me, Tommy, and our kids!!! He is a role model to us and someone that we are fortunate to have in our life. He is someone that we can depend on, help us out with any project, give us great solid advice, and be a GREAT father and grandfather that any family could have!!!! Thanks Daddy for all you do for us!!!


Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I have to admit to y'all that growing up I hated to read!! It was just something that I did not want to do. I did however love to read Judy Blume books.
I like to read a little bit more now as an adult. I have set the goal for myself to read at least one book a month.

The real reason for this post is this...several weeks ago the kids started to ask to go to the library. I thought that this was very strange. Where did they get this from? Tommy and I don't frequent the library. We usually buy books from Border's or another book store.

I took the kids to the library and they had a great time playing with the puzzles, a puppet house, and talking to the other kids. When we left the library, the kids asked when can we go back. I looked at them and thought to myself. Where did these kids come from? If I would have asked my parents to take me to the library they would have had a heart attack!! I'm not KIDDING!!!

We went back to the library and the kids had a great time again. We picked out books and they kept asking when can we read the books? I think it's great that they like to read and want to go the library. While we were at the library I asked the librarian if the kids could get a library card. She said "but of course". The kids were so excited!!!! The library clerk handed the kids their new cards and they didn't know what to do with it. I suggested that we go to the dollar store and pick up a new wallet. We went and Ballerina picked out her wallet. We couldn't find one for Speed Racer but I remembered that he already had one at home. So now the kids have a library card and a wallet.

Yesterday we headed back to the library to get more books. The kids had their back packs on and they were ready to go. Ballerina knows that we go to the library every other Tuesday. She really looks forward to the trip. As we drive over I ask the kids what books they would like to get and they tell me. I also look for books that would interest them.

The kids asked for Dr. Seuss books, Diego book, and Blue's Clues Book. I picked out books about Father's Day, 4th of July, Max and Ruby. I also picked out a Fancy Nancy book (I am trying to get Ballerina into Fancy Nancy) I also got Ballerina a "Baseball Ballerina" book.

When we came home, Ballerina sat herself on the sofa and took out her books. She opened up the "Baseball Ballerina" book and started to read. Melt my heart!!!!

I am so happy that the kids love the library and to read. I owe a much thanks to Little Bill for getting the kids interested in the library. If you don't know who Little Bill is, he's Bill Cosby! Thanks Bill


Monday, June 14, 2010

Flea Market Finds

As I mentioned yesterday, my parents and I headed to the Saylorsburg Flea Market. I try to go there once a month. To see what is going on and help stimulate the economy. LOL!!! My goal for this trip was to find things for my laundry room/craft room. I want to find containers to store my supplies. So take a seat put your feet up and see what I found!!


I found this big vintage tin for 75 cents!! I have plans to store my borax in here!!

I dug through some blocks to spell out our last name!! I thought it was a clever idea. I found two vintage towels that I thought I could use as a window valance or pillow covers!

I'm a sucker for a chicken or is it a rooster. I started collecting them years ago and stopped, but now that I want to have a barn theme. I might just pull them out!!!

I found this little glass jar that I plan to put above the washer and dryer. It will collect all the coins I find in the washer. Who says it doesn't pay to do laundry. When it is full I will treat myself to a manicure.

This is an old ice bucket. It was the first thing I saw when walked into the flea market. I love the colors!!! I love the poppies on the front!! I am going to put our laundry detergent in this!!

I found this vintage towel too. Do you notice a color scheme? My room will be painted white. Red will be the big color accent. I will also use the blue, green, and yellow as small accents.


Here is everything together. Can't you just see it on a shelf over my washer and dryer?!
Now for a funny story!!
Yesterday, I was making the kid's lunch. I could hear them upstairs in my room. I heard them playing house. I figured they were playing mommy and daddy. Their new thing!!
I called them down for lunch and I heard heels on the floor. I yelled "Ballerina are you suppose to be wearing Mommy's shoes"? She said "Mommy I'm wearing my shoes". I walked to the family room and saw this;

Speed Racer wearing my shoes. I love how he put together these shoes. I decided not to say anything to him. If he wants to wear my shoes so be it. I always dressed my brothers up as girls and they turned out right. I think that it helps boys understand women. That's why they are good husbands. So you two girls (you know who you are) Either your welcome or I'm sorry!! HAHA.
Have a great day!!

Father's Day Week

I know two posts in one day!! Aren't you lucky?!?!? You will probably get two posts from me each day this week. I just have so much to tell you!!! I didn't want to over look Father's Day.

Just like Mother's Day week, I will start the week with blogging about my favorite TV Dad's.

Favorite TV number 1:

Cliff Huxtable had so many great lines and sayings. Some of my favorite quotes:

1. Cliff: Theo... that's the dumbest thing I've ever heard in my life! No wonder you get D's in everything! You're afraid to try because you're afraid your brain is going to explode and it's going to ooze out of your ears. Now I'm telling you, you are going to try as hard as you can. And you're going to do it because I said so. I am your father. I brought you into this world, and I'll take you out!

2. Cliff: And you're going to do it because I said so! I am your father!

He just had so many!!! Too many to list!!!

Favorite TV number 2.

Tim the Tool Man Taylor. Even though this show was mostly about Tim as an Home Improvement guy he was still a father to his three sons. He had many classic lines as well. He was funny with his kids and his wife Jill. I enjoyed watching this show because he was a funny dad. Here are some of his great quotes:

1. Convictions and beliefs. What do they have to do with religion?

2. Tim: Some tool-men say "Why? ", this tool-man says "Why not? ".

Jill: This tool-man's wife says "Why me? ".

Tim had too many good quotes to list too.

My new favorite TV Dad is.....can you guess who it is?!?!?!

Drum Roll Please.........

Phil Dunphy. He is the funniest Dad EVER!!! Every time he opens his mouth, I am in stitches!! If you don't watch this show you better START!!! It's on repeats now so you can watch them over the summer. It's on Wednesday nights!! Phil thinks that he is sooooooo cool, but he is really just a dork.

Here are some of my favorite quotes:

1.Phil: I'm cool dad, that's my thang. I'm hip, I surf the web, I text. LOL: laugh out loud, OMG: oh my god, WTF: why the face

2. Phil: I was gonna tell Claire about the dog. I was just waiting until she was in the right mood. Actually, I did get one right mood a couple nights ago... but I cashed that in for something else.

3. Phil: A relationship with your father-in-law is tough. You need to prove you can stand up to him, while being respectful. It's like walking a tightrope, which by the way I can do, because I went to trapeze school.

4. Phil: One day I'm gonna be a grandfather and then everybody better hide their meat.

5. Phil: I was 11 years old. I hit ten straight fastballs in the batting cage, then my friend Jeff Sweeney took one in the groin. I yelled "ball two!" Everybody laughed. That's when I knew I was funny.

6. Phil: Trust me, I had plenty of fun in my time. Then, I met your mom.

7. Phil: Some people call me a salesman, I call myself a salesfriend, so obviously I need strangers to trust me. I don't take it kindly when someone Tom Sellecks my bus bench.

I have to stop now I am reading all of these quotes and I am laughing my head off!!!! Just watch this show if you don't!!!

Who is your favorite TV Dad?

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Weekend Update

Happy Flag Day!!!

I hope that you guys had a great weekend!! We had a quiet weekend which was nice!!
On Friday night Tommy bought me home a refreshing, tasty and sparkly treat...Presco. I love to have Presco from time to time.

The presco was nice. It was a little dry. I prefer dry wine, but when I have presco or champagne I like it to be a little sweeter. I added some home grown strawberries to the presco. It was very good. I highly recomend it. It was a little expensive for my taste, but I guess Tommy thought I deserved a treat!! Thanks honey!!

Saturday morning, Ballerina (new name for my daughter) and I headed to the Farmer's Market. We bought some more strawberries, garlic scapes, and cucumbers. If you love garlic you have to try garlic scapes. Garlic Scapes are the green plants that grow from the garlic bulbs. They are so good!!! Tommy and I first tried them several years ago and whenever they sell them we buy a bunch and make pesto.

This year, I made pesto and still had a lot of scapes left so I chopped it up and put it in a ice cube trays and popped into the freezer so I can add it to marinades, salad dressings, soups, stews, and sauces.

After the Farmer's Market Ballerina and I headed to dance class. Tommy and Speed Racer (new name for my son) stayed home and worked on their honey do list. Tommy's big project was installing the new door. It took him most of the day but when I finish painting the door it will be worth the sacrifice. I am so excited. You'll have to stay tuned!!

Sunday morning I picked up my parents and headed to the Flea Market in Saylorsburg. Such a great flea market!!! One of my favorites!! I got a lot of great things!!! It's all for the North Wing. You'll have to come back tomorrow to see my finds. I am cleaning it all up today!!

Have a great day and remember to look at Old Glory!!!


Friday, June 11, 2010

North Wing Update

Well, it's Friday and that means Popsie (that's what my Little Toots calls my Dad) is coming to work in the garage. I realized today that I never updated the progress we made last week. Here are some pictures of the sheet rock from last week.

Don't you just love the blue seal. He's the foreman on the project.

We didn't finish around the door because we need to put in the new door.

Here is the window side. Popsie thinking what the hell did I get myself into!! HAHAHA

Yesterday, Mr. Home Depot came to our house to deliver the wood for the flooring. He also delivered our new door. I am so excited about the door!! I am hoping that Tommy and I will be working on the door this weekend!! I never thought I would be so excited about a door.

See the special delivery!!

Today, Popsie and I started on the flooring. Every time we work in the North Wing I get so excited about the end product!! I feel like a kid waiting for their Hanukkah presents to come down the stairs!!

I was so excited when Popsie whipped out the laser level. I told him to stop so I can take his picture!!

I have always wanted to try out the laser level!!

I took this picture for Tommy. I wanted him to see that we finally used the clamp that he bidded on at an Auction several years ago.

Mr. Blue Compressor!! Now I know why my father has a hard time hearing. All these tools make a lot of noise!!

Here is the flooring. We still have to run the pipes for the heating and ac. That's why there is a hole in the wall.

Is that the same picture?!?!?

Now, I need your opinion!! I showed you the other day the red locker that I was thinking of making for the mudroom. Well today I was on a beautiful blog and I found this great idea for the mudroom area. I want to get your THOUGHTS!!!

I also love the ceiling!! If I tell the two men in my life that I want to to that they might kill me!!!
I love the bench, which was my original idea. I like the hooks, and cubby on top.

Then there is this which I like too!!!!


Love and Hugs,

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Yellow Polka Dot Bikini

Today the kids and I went to Border's for story time. We enjoyed listening to books about Dads. When story time was over I headed over to Old Navy since it was right next door. I always like to see what's on clearance. As I was looking at the sales so was my Little Toots. She saw a bathing suit that looked like a ballerina's outfit. I have to admit I haven't bought Little Toots a bathing suit in two years. When I saw that all bathing suits were on sale for $10.00 I said ok, "I will buy you a bathing suit but it needs to be two pieces." (I thought this would be easier for when she needs to go to the bathroom.) Plus I make the kids wear those swim shirts when we are in the pool or sprinkler. I saw this cute navy two piece that I thought was nice because it was a tank top. However, Little Toots saw polka dots and she was hooked!! I saw yellow and started singing the song and she said "I have to have this."

I have to admit I have always wanted a yellow polka dot bikini, so how could I say no? I've come to terms that even if I weighed 75 lbs. I would not even wear one due to all my lovely scars from all my surgeries. (The joys of Motherhood)

I caved to the pressure!!! Now I will just have to deal with her Daddy!! I don't think he will be happy with his little girl trotting around in a bikini.

Love and Hugs,


Monday, June 7, 2010

North Wing Inspiration

Tommy and I have a goal that one day we will own our own farm. Hopefully it will be some day in the next ten-fifteen years. But until then we will pretend to live on a farm. My inspiration for the North Wing (Garage) is Farmhouse and the accent color will be RED!!! Tommy will do whatever he wants with his office and I will get the rest of the area. I have seen so many things that inspire me. I thought I would share.

I am finally getting the utility sink I have always wanted. I plan on making a little skirt for the base of the sink!!

I love the shelf over the doorway. We will be eliminating the doorway from the garage into the house and I think I will do a shelf lke this going into the house.

Something about this sign screams the playroom to me. I will be making one to hang in the kids room!!

I plan to find a table like this for the playroom so it can be used as an area for the kids to do crafts and also as a coffee table. Plus I love the RED chairs.

Tommy, the kids, and I will be entering the house from the back door now. When you walk in it will be our mud room. I originally thought I wanted a bench with hooks, but then I saw this and thought this is it. We will of course have four sections. One for each of us. That way when we walk into the door we can put our stuff right away!!

I decided that I wanted a checkered floor for the mudroom and my room. I want something that will be very easy to clean and keep clean.

If I have the room I think I might try to make a desk like this one. I love the door desk. It's so sweet!!

I love the sign!! I am always looking for sock. This way the sock is displayed until I find the match.

I am getting so excited!! I wish I knew what I needed to do it and just do it. So I don't have to rely on my Dad and Tommy to show and work with me. Most of the sheet rock is done!! Next step is the new door and hopefully the flooring!!



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