Monday, May 31, 2010

Re-Cap of Our Memorial Day Weekend

I have to say that we had a great Memorial Day Weekend. Tommy took the day off on Friday to get some time to himself. He had a great time golfing, fishing, going to the bookstore, and smoking cigars. The kids and I stayed home and spent half a day with my father. My Dad and I worked in the garage doing the electric wiring. I got my first experience with fiber glass. I was itching for two days. I was so tired from doing all that work that Tommy took us out for pizza.

On Saturday, we thought it would be a good idea to stick together since my little guy wanted to go watch his sister in dance class. We went to the Farmer's Market, Ballet, food shopping, and Lowe's. Let's just say we all had our melt downs on Saturday. I decided that I needed to go out by myself for an hour. It was around 2:30ish and I thought I would hit some yard sales. I stopped at a church that was having a flea market. I saw a couple of things that I liked but didn't want to spend that much. A man came up to me and said that I could fill up a brown bag for (sit down) $1.00. I was so excited. They were closing the flea market in a half hour. I proceeded to several other yard sales. I spent $4.50 for all my findings. I was so excited!!!

Sunday we left bright and early to head to the Bronx to go meet the Moore Family at the Bronx Zoo. After we found each other we had a great time seeing lots of animals and very interesting people. We had a great time at the zoo that we promised ourselves that we would do it again by buying a one year membership. We get to go to several zoos and aquariums in NYC. We can't wait. After a great day at the zoo we headed home to see Gared and Lauren. They had some shrimp and cold beers waiting for us. It was a nice evening spending time with my baby brother and his wife.

Today we had a nice breakfast. Since Tommy and I had someone here to watch the kids we headed to Home Depot to buy fiberglass for the garage. We decided to take the kids to the camper to spend time with my parents, Gared, and Lauren. Tommy and I really needed some time together without the constant interruption of the kiddies. Tommy fished a little bit while I looked through magazines. We walked to a place near the camper for a nice lunch. We came home and we all took a nap. We ended the very nice weekend with ice cream from our favorite ice cream stand. It was a great weekend even with the whining and crying!!

Love and Hugs,


Friday, May 28, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

The peonies I picked yesterday.

Good Morning!! It looks like it's going to be a good weekend!! I am so excited for this weekend. We have a lot of fun things going on.

Yesterday, I decorated our dining room table for Memorial Day. I love to bring out our patriotic decorations for Memorial Day and Labor Day. I don't believe I should wait for 4th of July to bring out the decorations. I hope you enjoy the photos.

Mr. Patriotic offering a plate to anyone who wants some cake.

Basket full of patriotic cheer.

Mrs. and Mr. Uncle Sam. I looked so hard for red, white, and blue candy. This is what I came up with. York Peppermint Patty Pieces and Twizzler Bites.

Here is the whole table setting. Plus the cake I made the other day.

I made this snack yesterday for the kids. It's hummus with carrots. I didn't have curly parsley for the carrot stems so I used cilantro leaves. I thought it was a cute idea.

I am SO EXCITED for today. This morning at 8:30, my dad aka Pops will be coming over to start the renovation to our garage. I have decided that the garage will be called the North Wing. Not to worry I cleaned out the garage. I am just waiting until Tommy and I take out the ladders before I take after pictures. Come back tomorrow to see the progress of the North Wing.


Thursday, May 27, 2010

First Dentist Check Up and The Artist

The kids had their first dentist check up today. We drove into NJ to go to where Tommy goes to the dentist. Plus we don't want the kids to have local teeth. LOL!!

I got the kids all excited to go to the dentist by telling them they will get a new toothbrush. They were so excited for a new toothbrush. On the way to the dentist we made a few stops. We stopped at the Christmas Tree Shop and Michael's. I got the kids to go to Michael's because they thought they were going to see Uncle Michael. The whole time my little guy was saying Uncle Michael. Too cute.

We got to the dentist office and the kids immediately went to the toys. I was so excited thinking that this was going to be a walk in the park!! Then the dentist called us in and it was a female. SCORE!!! I was so happy!! I knew that a female could get my little guy to do things a male couldn't. Well they walked in and freaked out when they saw the room. No one wanted to go on the chair. Everyone thought it would be a good idea for me to get on the chair. All of the sudden I thought it was a scheme that Tom made up to get me to the dentist. (I HATE THE DENTIST) I hesitantly went on the chair and got a little ride up and down. I started to feel a little sick. Aiden told the dentist that she was not allowed to wear her blue gloves, the face mask, and no glasses. (I was shocked about the glasses.)
It took my little man 15 minutes to warm up to the idea of him opening up his mouth. But he did and he was a champ. He did it all standing up. He was such a rock star!! He did not cry he was so proud of his white teeth. She said that he has perfect teeth!! She said he does a great job brushing his teeth. It's all team work!!!

Now for my little toots turn.

She sat on Tommy's lap for a long time. Then she stood by me for a few minutes. It took 30 minutes and 5 of us trying to get her to open her mouth. My little guy was one of the 5 trying to convince her to open her mouth. We finally got her to open her mouth with bribery. I told her we would take her to the Zoo on Sunday and we would see her favorite little boy cousin and his parents. We also gave her a pink toothbrush and raspberry toothpaste to brush her teeth. Then she let the dentist check her teeth. Her teeth are also in perfect condition. We just need to get them both fluoride.

Yesterday, the kids and I went to Wal-Mart. I have been letting them walk around stores lately. The little guy asked if we could look at the bikes. I said sure as long as he didn't ask for one. He didn't!! We continued to look at other toys. Little Toots was stopping and looking at the toys. I said come along so we can go home and play outside. She said "Mommy I need to look at these toys because I am an artist." I said "what?" She said "I need to take my time and look at things because I am an artist and that's what an artist does." We left the toy area and we walked through the store. We approached the produce aisle and she started with the whole artist thing again:
Me: Please don't touch the fruit and veggies
Her: I am an artist and I need to see how it feels.
Me: An artist doesn't need to know what it feels like they need to know what it looks like.
Her: I am an artist and this is what I need to do.
I was getting a little frustrated and I was trying not to laugh. It took me all day and telling Tommy the whole conversation before I realized where she got that from. Olivia the cartoon. I was then thankful that she was only touching and looking at things and not doing what Olivia did on the show which was painting the walls, herself, and everything in site.
Love and Hugs,

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Bright Spot of My Day

I've come to notice that whenever Tommy travels the kids sort of rebel. They rebel by acting out!! Which makes my life very frustrating!!

The past two days have been hard, but today there were a couple of bright spots to my day, that I thought I would share with you!!

The kids playing in their seal sprinkler which we got at Wal-Mart for $3.00. It was in the clearance section about a month ago. In the one picture My Little Toots is kissing the seal. My peonies are starting to bloom. I can't wait to pick them!! I'll probably pick one tomorrow morning.

One of my favorite magazines BHG and my new favorite magazine Romantic Homes. I love this magazine. I will be looking through this magazine a lot. It has so many ideas!!
We got a new fan that is helping me keep cool as I fold my never ending pile on laundry. Dinner is in the fridge ready to be cooked on the bbq. I love the smell of the marinade I put on the kebobs. If it's good, I'll share my recipe!! I finally finished my trunk. I was going to use it as a storage chest for the kid's toys, but I don't think it's safe enough for them to use. So it's in my room. I have to find a way to spruce it up.
The best part of my day will be when Tommy walks through the door!!!

I hope you are keeping cool!!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Busy Bee

Sorry I haven't blogged in several days. I've been a busy bee. Stop by tomorrow to see what we've been up to. Hope you are enjoyng the summer preview!!


Sunday, May 23, 2010

I'm a Stage Mom?

I must have been crazy when I signed up to be a stage mom. Actually, I signed up because I wasn't sure how my Little Toots would react if I dropped her off with other moms for four hours. It turns out she would have been just fine. I spent 4 hours with 11 3-5 year old. The girls were very well behaved and got along very well. We had snacks for them and they were allowed to bring toys to keep them happy. We even got to sit in the auditorium to watch the other girls dance. When the girls got on stage they all did their dance pretty well for a bunch of little girls. They were so cute. My Little Toots was so happy to be dancing next to her friend. (We'll call her J.) Not only does my little toots like her but likes her mom too. She sat on her lap most of the afternoon. It's ashame that my kids are so shy.

I have to admit it was a great afternoon. The girls were very good considering they were stuck there for four hours!! Good thing the recital won't be that long!!

Saturday, May 22, 2010


Today, was the Little Guy's last gymnastics class for the year. We started the day off by having breakfast at the house. We had the family over for some bagels and smoked salmon.(smoked by Tommy of course.)
We headed over to the gymnasium. Aiden was so excited to have his family come and watch him do his thing.

My Little Man in the block pit.

My Little Man and Mr. Mihai preparing for the big drop.

Rolling down the mat.

My two guys in the pit.

On the rings.

Jumping on the trampoline.

On the bars.

On the high balance beam.

The horse.

Warming up.

My Little Man has earned his second medal in Gymnastics. He has grown so much in Gymnastics.

I'm sure Mr. Mihai was telling him that some day they will be at the Olympics winning the Gold Medal! HAHAAHA

He was so excited for today!!!

A Proud Uncle Michael taking a picture of Aiden and his medal!!

My Little Man showing Grandpa his medal.

Sharing the medal with Pops. Pops promised the Little Man that next year he will bounce on the trampoline with him.

My Little Man was looking for his girlfriend.

Hey Gram look at my medal!!!

He loved his assortment of glasses!!!

His Little girlfriend Sophie.

Trying to decide which pair to wear first!!

The two love birds!!

Sophie saying we are finished!! (With gymnastics of course, not the Little Man).

Aiden had a great day!!! It was so awesome to see him shine on his own!!!!

After the great morning with Aiden I headed over to Amelia's dress rehearsal for dance class. I was a stage mom for 11 3-5 year olds. Stop by tomorrow for those details.

Love and Hugs,

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Garden Tour

Oooops, Sorry about yesterdays post. I accidentally posted the blog instead of saving it. Sorry!!
Yesterday, I had the chance of walking in my garden early in the morning. It's one of my favorite things to do. I had a great time taking pictures, so I thought I would give you a garden tour.

1. Decorations on the deck.

2. Light on the deck.

3. and 4. Pink flowers on the deck.

5. I love these purple flowers that grow in our garden every year. They are so funky.

6. Our Azaleas, they just started blooming a couple years ago.

7. Peonies that have not started booming yet.

8. and 9. Strawberries that I started growing last year. I can't wait to taste them.

10. and 11. Dahlias for me and My Little Toots to pick. The more you pick the more they grow.

12. and 13. The purple flowers are from the kids. They gave me a bunch for Mother's Day.

14. The lettuce I'm growing. It's taking a long time to grow.

15. One of our tiger lilies. It's blooming a little early.

I was hoping to have this post published yesterday, but I got side tracked. Yesterday the kids and I went to Lowe's for soil. We were at the check out and they had these shopping carts filled with flowers and plants. I looked at the sign on the cart and it said $15.00 for the contents of the cart. The original price for the contents of the cart was $115.00. Of course I had to buy the contents of the cart. When we came home I was planting all my plants and flowers. It was a perfect day for me. I got a bargain and I got to garden. Just when I was ready to write Lowe's off they draw me back in!!

I hope you all have time this weekend to enjoy this great weather we are having!!

Love and Hugs,



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