Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Today was the day that our 7'X9' addition was delivered.

I know that you are all dying to know. I know that you have been losing sleep over it.
I'm so mean for keeping you in the dark for so long.

There were so many interesting thoughts about what we were adding to our house.
Here are some of your thoughts:

Hot Tub
Green House
Composting Barrel
Rain Barrel
Basketball Player
my favorite and really wish that I could have this on our property was a Chicken Coop.

Oh how I wish I could have a chicken coop. If I ever get a chicken coop this is what it would look like.

Anyway I digress.

Are you ready to see what we got delivered?
I can't hear you...

I know I am a brat....

It's a new sectional!!! We hadn't planned to get a new sofa until the addition was finished but a furniture store is closing their doors. Ballerina and I stopped in the store after dance class on Saturday and saw this sofa for an incredible price. I called Tommy and he met me there to test out the sofa.  We love to  cuddle on the sofa  and as the kids are getting bigger the other sofa was getting smaller. A sectional seemed like a perfect option for us. I love the firmness of the sofa. Our other sofa was too soft and sometimes it was uncomfortable.  
Our old sofa will go in the kids playroom when it's finished!! For now it sits by the sliding class door.

I really need to fix the legs on that table. What was I thinking when I painted the legs green? That table was once our kitchen table (when we lived in Parsippany). I cut the legs down and now we have a big coffee table. The kids love the  table. They can sit around the table and do their puzzles and play games.
That table will also go in their playroom. I really want a square rustic table.

The sofa is a little big but we still have a lot of room. I need to somehow raise up the table behind the sofa so you can see the table and the full mirror.

Come on over and put your feet up!!!

Ballerina wanted to send you a little pretzel love!!

Hope you have a great night!!


Tuesday, March 29, 2011


The kids finished their last night of soccer tonight. It was 8 weeks long.

Ballerina was focused and determined to be the best soccer player on the team. Speed Racer was having fun for a few weeks and then I think he got bored with it.



At the end of the practice they kids received awards. Which was nice. The one coach told Ballerina that he looks forward to working with her again. He said that he hopes that she will be on his girls team. I hope she is on his team, because he is a patient guy and really focuses on all the kids. I am not a big fan of the other coach because I didn't like the way he treated the kids. Anyhoo, that's a story for a different time. Here are some photos of the rewards.



Ballerina was named MVP one week because she scored three goals in one game. The other parents loved watching her and her determination. If she sticks with soccer (which I hope she does) she will be AWESOME!!! Ballerina did score a goal tonight just in the wrong goal!!
Speed Racer, well let's just say I don't think that soccer is his sport. I think maybe football or baseball. Speed Racer is an excellent slider.

When soccer was all done we came home and I surprised the kids with some ice cream.

You see that right. Jimmy Fallon has his own ice cream and it's pretty good!!

I did record a video but I need to find a way to download it! If you are interested in seeing the video let me know and I will send it to you via computer.


Have a good night!!


Junk Drawer Organization

On Sunday, Tommy asked me if we could go to the Outlets. I nearly fell off my seat. Tommy wanted to go to the outlets!! I was shocked and agreed to go in a hurry before he changed his mind. Tommy wanted to get new shoes. Not only did he get a pair of shoes he got three pairs of shoes.

On the way out the door I ran to my junk drawer to look for some coupons for The Children's Place.

When I opened the drawer this is what I saw...
Needless to say I couldn't find the coupons so I was not going to buy anything in The Children's Place.

Yuck. I vowed to myself to take care of this drawer first thing Monday morning. I clean this drawer every other month and it ends up a mess within a few weeks!!

The kids and I hit the road and headed to the dollar store to pick up some items to help me organize the drawer.

When we came home I immediately opened the drawer and got to work.

Please don't judge us because of our messy drawer.

I took everything out of the drawer and organized everything into a category. I cleaned the inside of the drawer with some Windex. I love the smell of Windex. I know I'm weird!!!

I purchased all these containers for $3.00.  The containers on the left came in a pack of three. The baskets in the middle came two in a package, the other package which is actually snack food container came with 5 containers.
My goal for the Dollar Store was to think of things that would work for us and that drawer.

Taaa Dah!!!!!

Doesn't it look so much better? There is a place for everything and everything is in it's place!!

The snack containers holds: Hair Clips for me and Ballerina, sticky tabs, plug caps, paper clips, and thumb tacks.

I used an old index card holder to corral the items listed.

Pencils have their own holder, scissors  have their own holder, and now everything for our nail care is in a holder.

 I feel so much better about our junk drawer. Maybe I will rename it to our household drawer.

While, we were at the Dollar Store I notice these little cuties!! I had to get them for some decorations.

Mr. Rabbit

Mrs. Rabbit holding my favorite flower a tulip!!

I also found some other items at the dollar store to make this wreath.

No, I haven't painted the front door yet. It's still too cold here!!

On another note. Today I went to make a salad and this is what I found.

Just a few pieces of lettuce. I thought to myself why didn't the last person (you know who you are) use all the lettuce. What am I really going to do with this lettuce?
It's a trend here. This person will also put back a empty bottle of ketchup and coffee mate.
I will tell you it's not me, the kids, or the dog. Have you guessed who it is?


Have a great day!!


Monday, March 28, 2011

Snow Day and Getting Ready for Spring

I can't believe it's already Monday. Why does the weekend fly by?
I hope you had a great weekend.

We had a quiet weekend and made a purchase for our house. You want to know? I am not going to tell you yet but I will give you a hint. It's 7 feet by 9 feet. Let me know what you think!! I will share with you later this week what it is!!!

Last week, we got a foot of snow. UGH!!! I am so tired of the snow. I really want spring to come!!
Which is why I probably bought this last week.

My seeds to start germinating!! I will wait until next week to start the seeds!! We are moving our garden this year too!!

Anyway back to the snow!!

Right after breakfast we got our coats on (with PJs on) and headed outside to help Tommy shovel.

We were so excited that we were finally able to make snowballs.

Tommy and Ballerina throwing snowballs.

Speed Racer is into eating the snow!!

After we played in the snow and sent Tommy off to work we made some Banana Bread. Yummy!!!

Speed Racer pointing out all the ingredients we needed.

Speed Racer mashing the banana.

Ballerina mixing up all the ingredients.

Later in the afternoon we headed back outside to make something we haven't been able to make all season because the snow wasn't the right texture.

We made a snowman.

I was so excited to make a snowman because I was finally going to be able to use my snowman kit that I made.

My little snow angels and snowman!!

Isn't this a cute snowman?

We couldn't get the mouth in but we figured you would know where the mouth is because his pipe is sticking out of it.

Now that I got to use my snowman kit I don't want to see anymore snow until next Christmas Eve. Tommy told me that the Farmer's Almanac predicted that we would get 3 feet of snow in April. I hope the Farmer's Almanac is WRONG!!!

Have a great day,

Thursday, March 24, 2011


Girlfriends, you know I try to share all things that I find awesome. So of course I needed to share this new blog I found with you!!!

I am OBSESSED (in a good way). Ist vintage and shabby style which is something I have been falling for, for almost a year. This new blog has my mind racing a thousand miles a minute.

I am truly inspired by EVERY room in this house!! I saw a picture of one of her rooms and I went upstairs at 7:00 last night and moved the kid's bedroom around.

I won't delay with some pictures from her blog. (Fast go grab some coffee, tea, wine, or whatever you like to drink and relax.)

All images are from Simply Me.

So beautiful!!! I so love all the flowers!!

This is exactly what I want to do in my kitchen. Take down the top cabinets and replace with open shelving. Paint the bottom cabinets white, and replace the counter tops. I don't think I would do white though!!! Can't you just see it!!!

I so LOVE this kitchen. I wonder if they need a tenant.

This is one of the kid's bedrooms. If I opened up an umbrella the kids would be running around with it all over the house.

I could just go and take a nap in that bed!!! I bet it's so fluffy!!! Like heaven.

This scarf is from Target. You know that I looked for it today when I was at Target. No Luck!! Boooo!!
I will just have to go to another Target. Road Trip!!!

Oh how I love wicker, lace, straw, and flowers in the spring.

Another great room!!!

Look at those dresses!! Decorating with gowns is the in thing. Go ahead ladies go dig them out and throw them around your house. I have!!! I know that Tommy is going to hateit but it will make my mom happy to see those gowns in use.

So pretty!! I have to get a blue dress someday!!

See what I mean throw your gowns around LADIES!!!!

So this is the picture that inspired me to move the kid's room around. I moved their beds like this and they are happy about it. Speed Racer wants some doors behind his bed like this too. We all studied this picture before we headed upstairs.

I have a Form like that, I have to go pick it up!!! Oh it will be mine in a few weeks. Now lets talk about this table. I want this table for my family room!

This is my dream dining room table. This is the farm table I keep telling everyone about!!!

Don't you just love those pictures. Go ahead go over to her blog and look around. Let me know what you think.

If you are wondering what I did to my house...You will have to wait until Monday!!!

I am taking the weekend off. My parents will be here. My Dad and I will be working in the addition. Friday night we are taking my parents out for dinner for their 45th Wedding Anniversary!!!
45 Years is quiet a milestone and they still like each other!!!

Have a great weekend!! Let me know if you visit Simply Me Blog and what you think about it!!


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

More Sprucing Up for Spring and Timber

Yesterday, I decided to do a little spring cleaning on the antique coat rack. I thought it could use a little Spring Sprucing up.

This coat rack is like a catch all. We just throw random things on it!! It drives me crazy!!
I clear it off.

Then I cleaned  one of my favorite pieces of furniture.

After it was all clean. I started sprucing it up. I love wicker bag especially in the spring. I also love lace.
My recent thrift buy the LL Bean bag is holding the kid's library books. The wicker bag is holding all my magazines that I need to go through. I added flowers to wicker bags. I spruced up a dollar store hat with some burlap, lace, and flowers. I added a light blue shawl from Greece. Thanks to my Mama in Law. (I accidentally typed Mama but I kind of like it and want to see what she thinks) LOL!!!

The lace swag is actually my favorite table cloth. I thought I would display it there so it doesn't get ruined by the monsters that live in my house!!!

We had some trees removed from our yard yesterday. One of them needed to be removed before it fell on the neighbor's house. The other was just dead and full of poison ivy. We also wanted to remove some branches that were over the kids play set.

Here he is climbing up the tree and cutting down the branches.

I was so nervous watching him especially with that brace on his leg. Oy Vey!!

See the squirrel's nest. Right after I snapped this picture the squirrel came out saw the guy and flew off the tree and landed on the ground. The squirrel jumped at least 25 feet.

He left the nest there because they were not in the mood to get attacked by squirrels. Don't blame them!!

Hope you have a great day!!


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