Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Gone Camping...

Ok, well we went for half a day of camping. I thought it woud be fun to take the kids to my parent's camper for a few hours today. We had a great time camping.

When we got to the camper it was snack time. I thought that Smores would be a perfect snack. However, I have to admit I don't know how to start a camp fire plus it was very hot. So I decided to do the next best thing...
Goldfish Smores. They are so tasty as the kids say. I thought that Ballerina needed a little Tinkerbell bling.

After snack I thought that we would hike around the campground. We headed down to the river to see the water. We had to stop for some photo opps. I have to tell you how I love that the kids are suddenly posing.

I love these pictures. I think I will get some of them framed!!

As we hiked I thought that I would snap some great pictures of the kids and things that I saw along the way.

We stopped at the two beaches that the camp ground has. One beach is sandy and the other is rocky. The kids enjoyed the rocky one more because they were able to throw the rocks into the water. I can't believe that the leaves are already changing colors.

As we continued our hike I thought that it would be nice to hop into some air conditioning. So I introduced the kids to something they did not know the campground had until now....Photobucket

A Game Room. The kids had a BLAST playing air hockey. It was so great to watch them play. Speed Racer is so naturally good and Ballerina is going be a competive little girl. I think I know what I should get the family for Hanukkah!! LOL
After our hike and fun in the game room we headed back to the camper to eat our lunch and

and went to the pool for a swim and to cool off. Sorry no pictures of the pool, I had to watch the kiddies swim.
It was a great day!!! Sometimes I think that it would be great to have a little place to get away to during the week. It would of course need to be on the water.


Something like this would be fun. Like a home base that we could go to for meals and to get changed. I think it would be fun to find something like this really cheap and make it really fun for us to go to!!! I know you probably think I lost my mind. Everyone needs a place to escape!!
Well I must go wake up the happy campers.

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