Friday, February 26, 2010

Snow Day Projects

This is a sweater that I have had that I love but has a couple of spots on it. I love this color green especially this time of year!!

Now I get to wear the sweater in a different way!! It's now a scarf

Amelia loves this denim dress but it's way too short. I had this other dress from when she was a baby that I love. So I put her favorite dress together with my favorite dress and this is what we got.

I added a little lace because I am still learning to sew and I made a mistake in the front. I thought I would cover it up with some lace. I am so into lace these days.

Here is my little model who was so excited to be wearing the dress I made her!! I also made her the rose necklace too.

I found all of these projects on an incredible blog that I found the other day. I am so in love with it, check it out if you have the time


Becky said...

These are ADORABLE!!!! Are the kids interested in your sewing too?

Janine said...

Aiden watches me sew. I think that he likes the mechanics of it. Amelia is more interested in what I am making.


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