Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Snow Day

Since the beginning of December the kids have been asking for snow. You know when you are five all you want is to play in the snow and go sled riding.

We were so excited to hear that snow was coming our way.

When the kids were in school on Friday I ran my errands and came home to set up a snow day table.

I set up the table with a hot cocoa bar. I figured if we were going to be playing in the snow we would be needing hot cocoa. I also bought some raisin bread for breakfast and some sweet treats to munch on.

I read the kids a book about making minestrone soup.
When we finished reading the book we all headed into the kitchen to make minestrone soup.

Speed Racer opened the cans for me.

Ballerina peeled the carrots for me.

We stayed in our PJ's all day. When it was time to go outside to play we threw on our snow pants and jackets.
Tommy made a sled riding course for the kids in the back yard. We all took turns!!

It was a blast!!!

I love the snow when we are all safe at home!! So if Mother Nature wants to give us snow that is fine as long as it's on the weekends that I don't have anything planned.

How was your snow day?


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