Monday, January 23, 2012

40 List Update

I thought I would share with you the progress of my 40 list.

Three items have been crossed off (Brooklyn Bridge, Kids Camping, and Picking Blueberries in Maine)

I am currently working on 5 items:
1. Learning to knit. My cousin is teaching me, but we are both busy raising kids so it's a slow process.

2. Cook all the items from a cookbook. I have chosen to cook from "Pioneer Woman Cookbook" I have made 28 out of the 64 recipes in the cookbook.

3. Paint a Landscape picture- I have been working on a picture since the fall and I am not really feeling it, so I think I need to pick another picture.

4. I am reading about Judaism but lets face it, its very slow reading.

5. Run a 5k. I have been training for three weeks now. My first 5k run will be on May 6th. Race for the Cure.
I am currently running 1.5 miles in 24 minutes. I can run for 17 minutes straight. This is huge for me. I am not a runner. I have NEVER been a runner. In high school my gym teacher would yell at me for not running.
Both of my brother's were runners, so I know I must have the running gene somewhere inside.
I have to say that I am impressed with myself for running. I really am enjoying my runs. Every time I run I add another minute. Once I can run for 20 minutes straight I will add another minute.
My training right now is on the treadmill. With the weather and snow on the ground I have taken myself off the streets. LOL!!!

I am making some other plans for my list.

I have decided President's Day weekend would be a good time for me to go down to AC for three/four of my items.
Easter Weekend will be the weekend we head to the Hamptons.
I'm currently looking into a yoga class for me and Ballerina.

I am heading down to South Jersey this weekend and now I am thinking of making a detour through Philly to be like Rocky and run up the Museum stairs.

Are you working on a list?


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