Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Pottery Barn


The only problem is that Tommy loves Pottery Barn, Speed Racer and Ballerina love Pottery Barn too.

It's the highlight of our day when the Pottery Barn catalog comes in the mail.

When I see the Pottery Barn Kids catalog, I know that I am in trouble. It means that I have to listen to a certain little girl say I like that and I want that!!!
Some of their items are easy to make or find at a much cheaper price.

Last week Pottery Barn Kids came in the mail. There are soooo many things to admire in that catalog.

Ballerina pulled up her stool and started looking through the catalog. I kind of held my breath.

All of a sudden I hear "Ohhhh, Mommy I love that princess bed."

What 5 year old wouldn't love this room/bed. What she was talking about was the pink flower canopy.

I know that when I was a little girl I wanted a canopy bed, ok, I'm not going to lie...I still want a canopy bed. However, my sleeping buddy does not want a canopy bed!!! Boo for boys!! LOL

So, her re-action to that canopy bed got me!! I know how I wanted/want a canopy bed.
Price tag for the canopy bed $139. Gulp!!!!!!
I almost choked!!

My head started turning, I could try to make that out of tulle and a hula hoop. Hmmm
 All of a sudden an alarm went off in my head.
I remembered I just saw a pink canopy with beading at an antique store for like $18.00.

So, after I dropped the kids off at school, I headed 1/4 of a mile to my favorite antique place.
I headed to the booth, praying that the pink canopy was still hanging from the ceiling.
There it was hanging from the ceiling. I didn't want to seem too eager. I didn't want someone else to see that I wanted the canopy and reach up and grab it. I tried getting it down myself, but I needed to grow another three inches in order to get it off the hook. I suddenly noticed a mom and her eight year old daughter circling the area. I thought quick and grabbed the tallest person I could find.
The 80 year old lady was so happy to help me!!! I told her it must be nice to be tall and she laughed down at me!!

I had the canopy in my hand. I quickly ran to the register before someone saw the same Pottery Barn catalog I just saw and decided to add another $50 to the price tag. I must have looked like a football player heading to the end zone. LOL!!!

As, I was making my way to the register another vendor approached me saying she had a canopy too. She thought about bringing it in to sell, but she thought no one would buy it.
I told her how Pottery Barn is selling them for $139. She looked at me with price tags in her eyes.
She said "I'll be bringing my canopy in tomorrow." I think I want to go back and see how much she is selling it for.
I ended up getting this canopy for $17.00 because it was 10% off!!

On Saturday morning, when the kids were occupied Tommy went up to Ballerina's room to hang up the pink canopy. It was a surprise for her.

I know it doesn't have the pink flowers and ruffles that the one from Pottery Barn has, but Ballerina is soooo happy with her princess bed. She tells me all the time how much she loves it and thanks me!!
I can always add the pink flowers and ruffles if she starts comparing the two!!
 Mommy is so jealous!!!
At least one of us got her princess bed!! LOL!!

Now, if I can just get a certain coffee table out of my head from Pottery Barn or find it for $20.00.


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