Monday, January 31, 2011

Snow Shoeing

Howdy y'all I hope that you had a great weekend!!!

We did!!! Tommy and I tried a new activity.

Let me start with a little back story!!

Five years ago almost to the day, Tommy and I planned a trip to Vermont. We wanted to go there because we have never been there and we wanted to try some snow shoeing and cross country skiing. However, five years ago we were also embarking on another adventure of trying to have a baby!!!

We booked our little getaway for President's Day Weekend. I was so excited to be going away for one last horrah!!! As soon as I booked our get-a-way and did a little shopping for ski pants, I said to Tommy we won't be able to go because that will be our window for the procedure to retrieve my eggs.

Hahahah!!! I was right!! So five year later, Tommy and I still never made it to Vermont, never snow shoed, or cross country skied.

This weekend we had some great babysitters come to our house, so Tommy and I decided to take a little time to ourselves and go snow shoeing!!!

I was so excited to try something new!!! We drove up to this resort which is about 15 minutes away. They allow the public to use their grounds for a fee. They also rent equipment to you!!!

Sit back, relax and enjoy our little adventure... (There's a lot of pictures)

Here is the Skytop Lodge Sign that greeted us.

The driveway up to the lodge.

The lake that has iced over.

The Lodge. I have wanted to go inside here for years. I have also wanted to stay here but I can't justify the cost in staying here when I live so close. It is an all inclusive resort.

Walking up the circular drive.

When we walked into the lodge this is what I saw.Oh how I could sit there for hours looking at the grounds and reading a book.

Don't you agree? Of course the weather would need to be a little warmer!!

The fireplace. Another place I could sit for hours!!

Then I decided to stop and smell the roses!!! After smelling the roses. We rented our snow shoes, hopped onto the shuttle bus to the beginning of our adventure.

My snow shoes. I have NO idea if they are on right. I don't think so!! It worked for me though!!

After strapping on my new shoes this is what I saw!! Oh so beautiful!!!

The bridge to cross-over!!

Tommy showing off his shoes!!!

Our path to Indian Falls

My shoes kept falling off. So I know I didn't have them on right!!

Showing off my shoes!!!

Tommy stopping to look at the sights!!

Suddenly I noticed this..

Look at this a swing!! I made Tommy sit for a few minute to take in the peace and quiet. Good thing I did or we might have been ran over by....

Oh look a snow mobile but why do we hear a herd of dogs?

Oh, because there is a herd of dogs pulling the sled!!!
My next adventure after cross country skiing!!

We decided to just sit on the swing for a few moments!!

Snuggling up for a photo!!

I think this looks like so much fun!!!

Back to our hike!!!

Enjoying the icles!!!

I just couldn't get over this!!! I have seen this on TV but never up close!!

This is the Indian Falls. It's so peaceful and breath taking!! I could have stayed here for a long time!!

The sound of running water relaxes me!!

My sweet hubby!!

Me so happy for trying something new and something on my bucket list.

Heading back.

The swing again!!! At the end of the three mile hike we decided to walk back to the lodge which was another mile away. We really enjoyed the peace and quiet.

When we got back to the lodge we thought we would go down to the Tap Room for a drink.

I had a 7&7 and Tommy had a beer.

I took a seat here and

looked out this window!!!

It was a great afternoon!!! I got to try something new. Re-connect with Tommy as a couple.
The weather was not too cold and it was snowing!! GREAT AFTERNOON!!!

I also saw this wreath as we were leaving. I would love to make one of these!! Hmmmmmm!!!

Is there anything new that you want to try?


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